Greetings Citizens of the Forgotten Realms! I am pleased to share... Tales from the Yawning Portal is coming to the Roll20 Marketplace on March 24th, 2017! Below are the details shared today on our  blog from Brand Manager Suzanne: The latest upcoming release from Wizards of the Coast marks the return of seven of D&D’s most well-known classic dungeon crawls and other adventures, updated to fit Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. The Roll20 edition of Tales from the Yawning Portal will release on March 24, 2017. The seven adventures will be available as Addons, so you can pick & choose from the individual adventures to add to your pre-existing games. Each storyline will include fully linked handouts, statted tokens, maps with Dynamic Lighting, and the complete, delightfully harrowing contents of the book. Keep an eye open for details on how you can pre-order these seven deadly dungeons very soon!