GuloxMara, wheneverth of who the hell knows, Xin-Shala

The two wallow in the dank prison room, the surronding aura of impending dread not bothering Gulo "Now starting with crossbows, these are some of the most dependable, accurate, and potent of the non-black powder ranged weapons. There are two verities, well for you there are anyway, light and heavy, obviously a heavy crossbow does more damage then a light, but a light is quicker to reload then a heavy, I personally prefer more power, but for you I would recommend a light crossbow. Now to use one properly rest the butt of the crossbow into your shoulder, take a deep breath, and aim, if your target is moving aim for where he is going to be. It will take you 3 seconds to reload a light crossbow, and 6 for a heavy, any questions?"  
Mara strains against her chains, sweat rolling down her face from her repeated efforts. "Yeah, do you actually expect me to be of any use with these weapons? I get the basic idea: point, shoot, reload, repeat. But against the sorts of monsters we're facing, is it worth it to both with weapons like that? Just a tiny little bolt against a massive metal forge demon. I don't see how I'd be much more effective." 
"If you think like that, it will just be a tiny little bolt, but even if the bolt is not overly effective it makes you one more thing your enemy has to keep note of, one more thing distracting him, and one more chance for him to slip up and give yourself or your allies a chance for a killing blow.  it is thinking like that which makes your fire only half useful." he says, the distain heavy in his voice.
She stops struggling and arches an ugly, ogrish eyebrow at Gulo. "Half useful? I'd argue that the trail of disgusting giant corpses I've left behind me states that I've been a little more than half useful. I'm not good against everything, but that's ok. You've helped." She glanced around at the giants nearby her, before sighing and trying to get her arms free once more.
"You bring destruction in your wake yes, but even a giant can accomplish this. You wield fire and bend it to your very will, you should be to the world a devil, an avatar of destruction it'self! Yet when I see you in battle all I see is a flaming halfling, which is less then formidable."  he says with a chuckle "When my unit was going on night raids Gebri would prepare by coating herself head to toe in ashes, then stain her teeth red and use hemlock drops to dilate her eyes till all you could see were her pupils. When we found our elven quarry she would make a terrible howling noise and let loose her blunderbuss, then the rest of us would fire from the treetops. They would run in a panic Gebri would hound them, just close enough to their heels so they could see her,  their fear turned her into a red fanged monster of the night! She became something that could not be killed, something that could not be fought, only ran from, and a foe in fear is a foe soon dead."  
"Gulo, I don't need to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies. I don't care if they're scared of me. I care if they're wiped off the face of the earth. I care that the giants die. I don't need a 'foe soon dead' if I can make them dead now. I don't need to frighten some giant filth badly enough that they won't act against me again if I can just solve the problem permanently by killing it. Then nothing can convince it to face its fears or get revenge. It will just not exist. You're trying to teach me something Gulo, but whatever it is, I just don't care because it's less effective."
"But what of those things you cannot kill with your flames, like the fire giants, or that forge creature, what do you do then? Nothing, because you choose to live in your ignorance, Believe me, when it comes to an enemy you cannot hurt, your greatest chance for survival is to make him believe that you can." he sighs, wishing for a pipe at this moment "You are not stupid, I know this, you know this, so stop acting like the brutish giants you seem to be emulating so much, relying on one thing and one thing alone, you are far too valuable to waste killing yourself with such asinine tactics!" he looks over to Mara, his eyes fiery with passion "I know you do not care for me, I do not doubt you might even hate me and I will not begrudge you for it. But I have spent all my life in war, forged in blood and bitter hatred, you have only just begun to walk down this precarious path, a path you cannot walk turn back on, and if you do not where to tread upon it, it will devour you without mercy. If you let me I will teach you all that I know, I will guide you down the dark and crimson road so that at the end of it what happened to your family never happens to anyone again. This choice will determine everything for you, not only now, not just when we return to the present, but everything , so what choice do you make Mara?" Gulo is as silent as the grave, his face betraying nothing.