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Aggressive negotiations


Edited 1489024601
In the last couple of games we've gone in bare handed due to local law levels. In the latest episode on Beck's World it was easier for us to fly under the radar of local enforcement, but generally it's been a bit of a headache to go into situations without being able to pack some kind of heat. I'm wondering if there is any way we can haggle with local law enforcement on our way in. Regular Travellers may not be able to do so, but the Artemis Group is an credited mercenary unit now specializing in high end personal security. One of the few good things to come out of the Central Supply Catalog is their permit system for weapon and armour possession. I'm hoping that in the future we could put some effort into supporting our mercenary/security guard groove so that we don't have to walk around like the regular civies that we aren't. This could be a great project for folks who play characters with the Persuade or Advocacy skill. Maybe the effect of an Advocacy check could be subtracted from the effective Law Level when it comes to what weapons we can pack? That would mean that a failed roll would gain suspicion - potentially increasing the effective law level and chance of drama ( the kind that usually occurs when you roll 2d6<Law Level )   From SSC Possession of a weapon license does not allow a character to ignore local laws. Much depends on the circumstances. A government hiring a properly accredited mercenary unit will normally allow it to retain and use its weapons, whatever laws are in place, since this is necessary for the function desired of the unit. Similarly, bodyguards for foreign dignitaries will usually be permitted to carry weapons. Even if we aren't currently on a ticket, we may be able to justify carrying at least a side arm to provide "personal security" for command staff and crew. We may not be "foreign dignitaries", but if we were kidnapped and then used to hijack the Athena then a warship armed with particle accelerators and nukes would suddenly be in very bad hands. Local navy (patrol cruisers and system defense boats) of an average would struggle to defend a world against a ship of our size and firepower. It's in everyone's best interest for us to be providing security for ourselves. As far as armour goes: Local laws tend to vary somewhat. Many localities permit ownership of any form of body armour but wearing it in situations other than where there is an immediate need or possibility of one is not allowed. Thus a character guarding the group’s grounded starship in his cloth armour might not even get a second glance but if he strolls into a bar after his shift without removing it then people will become alarmed. The following summary should act as a rule of thumb rather than hard-and-fast rules; local circumstances vary. Military Armour (combat armour, battle dress): Illegal at law Level 1 and higher other than for permitted persons such as mercs on ticket or local military. Combat Armour is considered a Category 4 (Military) item and battle dress is considered Category 5 (Restricted Military). Paramilitary Armour (cloth, flak jacket, reflec ablat): illegal at law level 4 and higher, other than for permitted persons such as people working with high-energy equipment (reflec, ablat) or security personnel (flak, cloth). All these items are considered to be Category 3 (Paramilitary) items. Obtaining a permit for such equipment is not very difficult. Jack and Mesh are in some areas not considered armour at all but necessary protection from wildlife, thorns and the like and are considered tools of the outdoor-worker’s trade. In more settled areas they still have many legitimate uses so purchase is not normally restricted. Both types are considered Category 1 (Unrestricted) items for purposes of obtaining a permit (one is not needed). This does not mean it will always be acceptable to fool around in a mesh jacket. Local law enforcers or militia will take an interest in people who do not conform to polite custom regarding wearing armour – even if the characters do not know what the custom is.

Edited 1489025911
The cheeky way of getting around armour restrictions has usually been to wear an HEV. To be honest I get the feeling that this may not always work. If I was a cop I'd be a bit suspicious of folks who walk around in protective gear when they don't need to. Especially if that gear makes them immune to your sidearm. The ships locker does have a selection of body armour that we can use when cloth or armoured boarding vaccsuits aren't appropriate. In addition to the gear listed on the company sheet, Kayleb has added to the locker 5x diplo vests, 5x protec suits and 5x reflec. In theory that gear is for VIP guests, but there's no reason why crew couldn't use it if passengers weren't. Will try to remember to add that stuff soon.
The key problem with Beck’s World is that there isn’t any reasonable local government to negotiate with ; it’s all just a bunch of pirates. And since the alternative was to try dealing with the Imperium Embassy directly, and we’re on one of their “bad guy” lists, negotiating our way out of the problem wasn’t really an option. Bribery wasn’t a good option either; all the local robber-barons would want a cut, at which point, the director cues the inevitable Mexican Standoff over the Company’s assets. Me and Charoux still think we should have gone in fully loaded, but we’re glad most of us made it out all right.
Yeah Beck's was probably a special case. I'm really thinking into the future. Do we still have characters onboard with Advocacy and Persuade? Grobble has Advocacy-1. Really hoping we have someone who can beat that.
Charoux has Persuade and Diplomacy of 2; so he’s probably the central face-man; but being able to leverage the law, and defend ourselves against it, will be pretty important.

Edited 1489108875
Maybe we can skill chain it? Grobble could provide legal advice that gives a bonus to your Persuade or Diplomacy check? ( by "Skill Chain" I'm talking about the Aid Other idea on p50 of the Core Rulebook )
Oh, I forgot my Deception of 2... of course, GMs around here usually don’t make me roll it; maybe they’re blowing off those rolls because, as a player, I’m coming up with convincing lies anyway? Or maybe they’re just not paying attention to me... probably the latter... ^_^; When trying to get away with something, Charoux usually defaults to that ambiguous area of “probable, but not confirmable”, coming up with reasonable-sounding excuses for the group to be left alone. Matters of law don’t usually enter into that calculation, since, as a player, I don’t know squat about Imperial Law; but I suppose they could, given a reasonable amount of time for me as a player to work it in.

Edited 1489228834
As a player, I don’t know squat about Imperial Law There's really not that much to know. The only real laws that would affect us would be laws concerning weapons of mass destruction like nukes, particle accelerators and fusion guns. We seem to have a golden ticket that gets us around those laws though so those things aren't really something we need to worry too much about. It's the local laws that are the headache. Planetside is where Imperial law ends ( sort of ) and where local law begins. This is where we need to do our haggling - with the local gov/law at each starport we touch down on. I reckon we can do it, or at least try. I really don't want to go into another "life or death" armed only with harsh language.
Yeah; during the inspection, I was tempted to have Charoux say, “I see you prefer to solve your problems with Orbital Bombardment around here... I would ordinarily prefer to use a much more... proportional response to a hostile situation, but if I’m not being given a choice, I suppose it will have to do...”.