GM Expectations: Hey. I'm your GM and I'm excited as a blue footed water fowl to be your guide through the Curse of the Crimson Throne. My expectations neither simple or complicated. I expect my players to love to write and create complex worlds. I expect my players to be able to give healthy feedback, take healthy feedback, and support the plot by making sure they are not sabotaging the party's progress. We will become friends over this game (I would hope), so we will also be supportive outside of game. I know we can be busy with our real lives so I hope every Friday enriches your week. Party Expectations: Dave  Players be open to organic growth of their characters No Rules Lawyering Be supportive of each other, we are all friends here Be an adult when you have problems; a problem can not be resolved if it is never brought up. It is our job as players to resolve differences -not our DM's to play our therapist. Sean Don't be a dick to other players. If it's in character, and to other characters, then it can be sorted out in game. It's a roleplaying opportunity. But don't be a dick to each other as players, it's just disruptive. If you're going to have a problem with something, let us know before hand if possible. Then we can try and avoid the topic, or at least handle it with care. Don't bother bottling things up, it's not productive nor is it healthy. Dylan - ??? -