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Pathfinder Sheet attack macro help

Hey Sheet gurus, I still have an issue. {{vs=@{vs}}} {{vs@{vs}=@{vs}}}  How do I use this section of the sheet to set up when I select my character and hit the attack button for my quarterstaff, it asks me to select a target and it checks the target's AC and then puts that in the output to chat.  I hacked it by using another person's suggestion of deleting the whole "vs" section and entering @{target|AC} or something like that, but I would like to know how you guys designed this to work when I want to check the AC of my target. Please explain this as if you were talking to a small child.

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Sheet Author
The pf_attack template has a defined key for "vs". The @{vs} drop-down selector(text values) found within the repeating attack determines the value assigned to vs. The roll template uses the selector's value to determine what gets displayed. That is why you cannot use {{vs=@{target|ac}}}. The roll template is setup to only output vs AC, vs Touch, vs FF, vs FF Touch, vs CMD based on if a given value is present. @{target|ac} is not a value it is checking for. You can add a "generic" key=value combo that would show up after any defined keys, and just above any enabled notes. Something like {{Enemy AC=@{target|AC}}} You could add it to subtitle eg {{subtitle= Enemy AC:@{target|AC}}} Another option, add " vs AC:@{target|AC}" to the "type" field. You would see the type of damage and the enemy's AC. eg "Type P,S vs AC:10" Otherwise, you would need to use a custom sheet and modify the html and/or roll template code.