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Tip: how to have the macro bar on multiple lines


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I've searched a little around, and the general feeling I got is that it can't be done. Well, I've put together a not-so-pretty hack which seem to work for me, so maybe it can be of use to others, or maybe somebody has improvements, or reasons about why I shouldn't be doing this :P M ake a bookmark in this way: 1. go in your bookmarks menu 2. right-click somewhere and select "new bookmark" 3. write this thing as the URL of the bookmark: javascript:(function(){ $("#playerzone .player").css("display", "none"); $("#macrobar_macros").css("white-space", "normal"); $("#macrobar").css("height", "auto"); $("#macrobar_macros .macrobox .btn").each(function(){ $(this).text( $(this).text().replace(/[^:]+: /, "")); }); $("#initiativewindow").css("width", "100px").parent().css("width", "100px"); })(); 4. give it a name and save 5. after the tabletop has fully loaded, click on this bookmark It actually does a couple of things: - Puts the macros on multiple lines - Hides the bar with the player names (maybe that's unnecessary, in my first test it went over the macro bar so I hid it) - Hides all the occurrences of your player's name from the macro buttons - Shrinks the "Turn Order" box a little Note: This is quite harmless, in the worst case scenario F5-ing will make everything back as it was before (it only alters the in-memory style sheet), but please don't put random javascript in your browser if you don't know what you're doing. Random-person-on-the-internets-myself is not taking responsibility of anything anyway. Thoughts?
Cool, this would be awesome. I will have to try it. I have always been frustrated by the Macro bar not lapping into a second row when it runs off screen..
Looks like a wicked thing to do! I'm not using macros much in my game, but some game I played in would definitely benefit from it!
Its not doing anything for me? does it matter for the browser type, or am I putting it in wrong? Does it need to replace everything in the Address bar or add on to it?
Thank you! Yes the browser type matters. In chrome, it's easier to replace everything in the address bar with that string. In firefox, this seem to be doable only through the javascript console (ctrl-shift-J, copy/paste that string without the "javascript:" at the beginning).
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Pretty cool trick. For those using Safari, you just need to make sure that "Enable JavaScript from Smart Search Field" is enabled. That can be found under the Develop Menu.
I'm running chrome and this isn't working for me. I've tried just pasting it into my URL box, and I've also tried pasting everything sans the javascript designator at the beginning into the javascript console... Any ideas?
It may be a couple of things: 1. first... make sure the page has fully loaded... just in case 2. I just noticed that (the latest version of?) chrome prevents you from copy-pasting javascript in the URL bar, it automatically removes the initial "javascript:", so maybe check that it is still there after you paste it; 3. maybe the page structure is a slightly different on slightly different browsers...
Simone B. said: 2. I just noticed that (the latest version of?) chrome prevents you from copy-pasting javascript in the URL bar, it automatically removes the initial "javascript:", so maybe check that it is still there after you paste it; This was it for me. I had to manually type in the javascript: at the beginning. Thanks!
Not working, not sure what I am doing wrong. Type this in (the console in firefox) $("#playerzone .player").css("display", "none"); $("#macrobar_macros").css("white-space", "normal"); $("#macrobar").css("height", "auto"); Got this error: [01:14:07.725] TypeError: $(...) is null

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I have mixed results with firefox too... have you tried the bookmark method described in the first post? It seems to work better with firefox. If it still doesn't work can I ask you which firefox version are you running?
Ok the bookmark idea worked, I didn't even notice that part of the post ^_^, Thanks a bunch Simone, I like google chrome better but i've had some issues with it crasheing my getting error so now i'm using firefox until I get a new computer.
The bookmark worked for me! Thanks a ton for this! It's amazing!
I don't suppose you could make one of these to hide the turn order window? :P

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put this after the last ";" $("[aria-labelledby=ui-id-9]").hide(); but instead of hiding it, maybe it's better to just make it very thin, so you know when your turn is :P $("[aria-labelledby=ui-id-9]").css("width", "75px"); edit: or maybe $("[aria-labelledby=ui-id-7]").css("width", "75px"); ... not sure updated first post
Hmmm, neither of those are working for me =/
This is very odd, it seems to be working for me now! Once again, thanks for all the help!

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The "Turn Order" box seems a little different every time, that's why it didn't always work... I found a more reliable way to do that. I also added some code to remove the multiple occurences of your player's name from the macro buttons. I've updated the first post with all of this.
Man, you are just too cool! Thanks for this stuff!
Stephen S.
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With API you can make your macro bar scrollable.... something like this... ....then you can just click through them left and right.... find the one you need.