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2Edefault template capitalization bug


Edited 1489645418
It appears the 2Edefault template is unintentionally capitalizing words in rollable table results. In the rollable table result above, the /W Gm is all entered lower case in the rollable table... ...but the template clearly capitalizes them. The intention here is that you copy and paste the text into chat to roll the second table, but this capitalization in fact prevents the table from being rolled. When I revert the same table back to the "default" template... ...the table rolls as intended. Is the 2Edefault template bugged?
Franky H.
Forum Champion
Hey Gargamond. Since this is an issue with a character sheet template, I'll move this over to the character sheet thread so that it gets more visibility. 
Sheet Author
API Scripter
What's the macro you're using for this? The 2Edefault template has text-transform: capitalize on the key of any key that isn't desc, desc1, desc2, name, or subtitle. I suspect your macro is something along the lines of &{template:2Edefault} {{HAS A TWO-HANDED AXE...}} If instead you use &{template:2Edefault} {{desc=HAS A TWO-HANDED AXE...}}, the text transformation shouldn't occur.