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[Dresden Files Accelerated] Errors in the sheet

Note: I have no idea how to edit stuff in github, and I'm only slight familiar with coding in general, but I like to think I'm good enough at spotting patterns. So the Dresden Files Accelerated character sheets are up as of about a month and a half ago, submitted by Jonathan Csanady/Yukidaore (can't find Yukidaore on Roll20 though), but there's a few bugs with the sheet. Bug 1: Approach roll buttons "Mantle"/Customisable approach button is currently tied to @{intelligence} rather than @{mantle-approach} as it should be. So when you hit the button, it rolls for intelligence, not whatever's in the mantle box. Bug 2: Refresh Refresh isn't updating.  Whenever I input new refresh costs into either conditions or stunts, @{refresh-spent} resets to value=NaN. There is no listed value for @{refresh-spent}, but I don't THINK that's the issue. 3 things I see that MIGHT be involved (or might not be issues, in which case I have no idea what the problem is) 1 - attr_stunt-cost does not have a title, unlike attr_condition-cost, so var 'stuntCost' is trying to retrieve a non-existent value. 2 - Lines 247-259 sets var 'stressCost', which relies on "repeating_stress", a value that doesn't exist anywhere else. 3 - refresh-spent relies on summing up conditionCost, stuntCost, and stressCost. I assume this translates back to @{refresh-spent} which might be why the value messes up (if it's pulling blank values for stuntCost and stressCost) Again, I'm not sure how correct these are, given that editing the cost of stunts on the character sheet causes @{refresh-spent} to change (despite point 2.1), but it's about as good as I can offer with my limited expertise. Thanks for checking on it! Hope it'll be fixed soon.
Sorry I've been out of touch for this, been a busy week. I just tested and approved the changes you submitted for these on GitHub.  Thanks for the fixes!  I'm not sure what went wrong there, as I spent a while on those calculations to make sure they worked.  I suppose I must have overwritten my working functions with older code by accident while setting up the tooltips/adjustable stress boxes. Please let me know if you find any other bugs!
I've just started using your DFA sheet - It looks great - thanks for creating it. I'd prefer if the Approach rolls showed which Approach was being used. In case it is any use to others, I've created macros for OVERCOME, ATTACK, CREATE-ADVANTAGE,DEFEND in an effort to make it really clear to my players that their narrative actions have to boil down into one of these. It asks for a narrative description eg. "Smash the door", then asks which Approach with a drop-down list, then shows the result as in the image. The character token has to be selected. I will probably make a simplified version for NPCs who don't have approaches. &{template:default} {{name=OVERCOME}} {{Description=?{Intention|Overcome...}}} {{Roll=[[4dF]]}}{{Approach=?{Approach|Flair,FLAIR + @{selected|flair}|Focus,FOCUS + @{selected|focus}|Force,FORCE + @{selected|force}|Guile,GUILE + @{selected|guile}|Haste,HASTE + @{selected|haste}|Intellect,INTELLECT + @{selected|intellect}}}}
You're quite welcome!  I'm glad you like it. It occurred to me only recently I had entirely left out any sort of roll feedback.  I was pretty fried after wrestling with making CSS only configurability on the sheet, and was just glad to be done with it at that point!  I'll take a look at giving it a roll template when I have some more time.
Apparently the "fixes" managed the fix the fate point calculations, but broke the approach roll buttons. I submitted a pull request that reverted the changes to the approaches, but also fixed the Mantle approach button.