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Open Access to Develop Character Sheets for the Community

Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
A bottleneck to Character Sheet development is having Pro Subscription to Roll20. There may be many developers willing to help create character sheets, but don't have the funds/desire/need for a Pro Subscription. Open Custom Character Sheets to everyone, so people can develop/test Character Sheets for the Roll20 Community.  To help keep the value of the Pro Subscription available, any non-Pro games using the Custom Character Sheet could be limited to only 2 people (1 person if you're really concerned about it).  This would allow people access to the necessary screens to code and test their character sheets prior to uploading to GitHub for the community.
Forum Champion
+1 support for sure!
Sheet Author
Thanks Finderski. It still hasn't naturally occurred to me to go this route :) +1
Sheet Author
If only I didn't have all my votes tied up for over a year-and-a-half... ;-P
Nolan T. J.
Roll20 Team
No intention to implement this feature. We've seen a tendency for abuse in some of these areas when left open to all accounts. Closing to refund.