Greetings Roll20 Community! We’ve recently heard the call for more frequent and open communication from the Dev Team. In an effort to promote greater transparency, the Roll20 Staff is excited to announce a new live stream coming regularly to Twitch starting this Tuesday, March 28th at 11am Pacific Time! The Roll20 Roundtable Hour will be a place for our users to meet up with us in a live format, ask questions, and get some insight into the inner workings of Roll20. To ensure all of our users voices are being heard, a “Questions Thread” will be posted in this forum a few days before each show to allow anyone to share. Users will be limited to 2 questions per thread and we ask that you keep your questions brief and civil. You can view this week’s “Questions Thread”  here . We’ll do our best to answer as many questions as we can live and any unaddressed questions will be followed up in that thread by our staff before the next roundtable. We’ll also be posting these to our YouTube and sharing the links with you here in the forums. Please join us for our first roundtable this Tuesday, March 28th at 11am Pacific Time and make sure to add your questions now -- the Questions Thread will be closed 24 hours before the next live show to allow us time to prepare our replies. See you there! *This event has ended. Please see the [Responses] Roll20 Roundtable Hour #1 - Q1 2017 thread for answers the questions shared by the community and a link to the live event.