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Volo's vs Monster Manual

I'm looking to purchase either Volo's Guide to Monsters or the Monster Manual. I'm using it to streamline my GM-ing with more monsters.  Any thoughts on what are the differences between the two modules? Which one is better and why?

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I would recommend both, but that is a big cash outlay - especially if you already own the hardbacks. The main difference is quantity. Sure, you already have access to a ton of monsters through the SRD, but with the Monster Manual you get all the artwork and tokens to go with them. Volo's will give you access to the stats, artwork and tokens of a bunch of new monsters and 7 new player races, but you can't beat the MM for time saving in setting up tokens for all of the more commonly used monsters.
So if I would only get one, which one gives me more monsters? I assume both provides draggable tokens and stats.
MM gives you more monsters, but bear in mind that the majority of these are included in the Compendium already (without the draggable tokens). Both the MM and VGtM have draggable tokens.
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Does anyone know of what Monsters the MM include that are NOT in the included in the Compendium already? I don't use the Tokens at all, so that's pointless to pay for. I have plenty of Top Down Tokens for that. But the actual sheets, how many? If anyone has a list that would be helpful.