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Considering DMing a campaign.

Hello all, My name is Shawn. I have been playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons for over 30 years. During that time, about twenty of it was DMing first, second, and third editions. I am considering starting a campaign here that will most likely be set in fifth edition (It's a new edition that I find interesting that I haven't DM'd it yet. The setting would be Forgotten realms, most likely starting in the City of Splendors, Waterdeep. Characters would start at level one, and classes/races would be from the players handbook. I might, MIGHT approve of a race from volo's if it's sold to me. However if you choose a monstrous race to play and I allow you to, expect all of the issues and penalties. I am relatively new to roll20. I am learning how to use their system, and manipulate it for my own benefit. My style of DMing. I consider roleplaying your character to be the utmost importance. Metagaming, while unavoidable, should be minimized. Do what your character would do, even if you know its a dumb thing to do. Lean into your characters weaknesses, celebrate them, it makes for a more interesting character. If you have a half orc barbarian with an INT of 4, play it that way. That being said, I allow players to do whatever they want. It's an open world, a sandbox. If the party wants to go on a shopping trip for the entire session, that's fine as long as it's not just one person driving the others crazy. If the party wants to go to a tavern to whore, get drunk and pick a bar fight, feel free. If the party wants to go to small villages and start collecting bounties on local monsters, great. I am here to facilitate what you want to do, not shoehorn you into a premade/prerolled adventure. I give options, and you choose to either take them or go do something else with the characters. I don't believe in forcing characters to follow an alignment. For example, if you want to play evil bandit character murder hobos, you will face the perks and consequences of it.  You might attract the attention of some powerful people who run the local government want to stop such a group, and end up facing off with a more powerful party sent to arrest or kill you. Or maybe even worse, a more powerful group that runs the local underground doesn't like that you are in their territory disrupting their own operations. Actions have consequences, and benefits. I am looking at 4-6 players. I want reliable people who will show up each time. I will be putting a lot of work into the game, and expect people to at least show they appreciate it by not just flaking out every other week. If someone doesn't show up without notice, I will of course replace them with someone that will.  I'd like to have a campaign that lasts a year or more if possible, I prefer the growth of the character and power. Game time and day is dependent on the responses I get. I am rather flexible, the only time not good for me is Fridays from 6pm pst to midnight pst (i am in a campaign here during that time frame) I am in PST.
I'm interested. what voice channel and are we rolling for characters or point buy? 
I'm was really exited reading all that until the end when you stated Fridays were not good.  I'm in a group that has been together for over 2 years and we just lost our DM. Good luck with your recruitment.
Hi there, I'd be up for playing in a game on Monday or Wednesday afternoons.  I'm free after about 2 your time on those days.  Tuesday works as well, though my schedules on Tuesdays may change in the upcoming months.  I'm 22, got a late start to the college life so I'm still at the mercy of my classes in addition to my job. I haven't really played any DnD yet, just a starter session almost a year ago at this point.  I've played a metric ton of Star Wars, both as a player and as a GM.  I'd need a bit of hand-holding making up a character that'll fit in the setting, but playing the game should be fine.  I tend to lean towards face characters, and more towards the good than evil scale of things.  Pragmatic at worst, I'd say.  I believe that a TTRPG is most fun when the characters all generally get along and work as a team, rather than constant infighting and fear of backstabbing. Echoing Ricardo up there, toss me a message if the times work out and all that with how, where, and when we'll be playing.  I can host the game if a Pro API would make things easier for you.  
Greetings, I too have been playing D&D for a long time (only 27 years, so you've got me beat), and I've had the itch to play a good Forgotten Realms sandbox for a while now.  My availability is pretty open, and about to become a lot more open, so if you want to play some time during the week (anything but Thursday afternoon CST or all day Friday) send me a message, I'd like to talk D&D with you.
Hey there!! This sounds great. I have been playing DnD on and off for a few years now and I love the idea of having a campaign that I can play on the regular. Your style of focusing on the character and going with the flow really aligns well with how I like to play DnD which is exciting as well. Any time during the week, as long as it is a little bit later in the day, I should be down for. I'm pretty flexible as long as we could find something that works for everybody. Would love to talk to you more about it if you send me a message. Look forward to hearing from ya!
I'd be interested in playing. I really prefer role playing to roll playing as well, which is why I like 5th edition way more than 3rd. I'm pretty flexible time wise as well: I'm basically on vacation until the end of June. I'd say there are about 15 hours scattered through the week when I'm truly unavailable, namely Sundays 10am-5pm EDT, Mondays 3:30-730pm EDT, and the occasional wedding/birthday/etc. One thing I will point out though is that I'm Eastern time, so games that go to midnight for you would be too late for me. If our schedules match up, send me a message.
Ricardo, I was considering Discord since that seems to be the common voice program used here.  Rhumor, sorry about that, Fridays I am in a campaign here. Only a couple sessions in, and today's was cancelled, but I need to give it a chance. Rob M, it is all dependent on the range of interest people have, and the times available. Most people seem to want to play on the weekends, or if its a weekday in the evening. We will see what the response is for times people prefer to play. Ryan H, seems like we are both vets of TSR. Im clear all days but Friday, and prefer something after 5pm PST as it can get a bit too hectic in the day to set aside a lump of time. Aeden, sounds like you are about what I am looking for, I will send you a pm for sure. Mike, I don't mind starting at 5pst and going till 9 my time. I have been working on figuring out the Roll20 system, creating tokens, importing maps and the like. I will probably upgrade my account so that I can use more tools, if I have enough people interested in a game. If so, we can set up a character creation session and explain a bit of the game/setting for new players.
I will also note, I don't mind teaching new players, (Im a teacher IRL so its second hand), and enjoy having women at the table as well instead of all men. I believe women give a different viewpoint and interaction between characters, and open things up for more fun. If you have questions, shoot me a message.
I would be interested in joining, depending on the time, of course.  I'm knowledgeable of the system and very enthusiastic about RP before all else.  I play characters who operate as a driving force within a group, always advancing the plot, creating dialogue and situations of interest.   If you intend to get people together in discord for ease of communicaiton, you can invite me @ YOGZULA#9184
I'm fairly new(read: 3 sessions as a premade cleric running through the starter set). Free after 5ish ET M-F and open weekends.  As I am fairly new with DnD and TTRPGs in general, this setup seems a good way to really get into it more.