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5E Shaped Sheet & WotC Monster Manual

Since I use the Shaped sheet and can drag and drop an NPC monster onto the sheet, what is the value of my buying the Monster Manual for roll20?  Other than the tokens will it give me something valuable? Also, if I purchase it, do I need to run a script or something on every token that I bring out to get it set up like my current ones? I'm trying to decide if I need to get this manual for enhanced game play.  It says the MM is made for 5E OGL and I'm not sure if that will be an issue since I use Shaped.  Any knowledgeable feedback would be great.
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Beyond the tokens, the Monster Manual contains the creatures not found in the SRD Compendium, Ex. Mind Flayer. If you are using the Shaped Companion script, you can set a lot of your defaults for drag and drop there.
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When you open a OGL formatted creature a conversion process will start. It'll take about 5 seconds typically and everything should be converted over to the Shaped format as this has been tested lately. Please ensure you're on the very latest (11.3.3) as there have been some conversion bug fixes as of late. In regards to setting up tokens the bars should match the standard format of HP on 1, AC on 2. It also has speed on 3. Token actions can be created via the normal shaped companion commands, but I think Lucian is working on making this more automated.