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Soundboard macro generator for [Roll20 Audio Manager]


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EDIT: I have updated the linked spreadsheet to be more up to date with changes in Roll20 Audio Master. It also now supports the Roll Templates from a variety of common sheets. If you have used a previous version of this sheet, make a copy of the revision and paste your data from Columns B and C into the new copy. It should produce up-to-date macro code. Also note that since this macro generator was written, a lot of the playlist functionality has been built into the re-write of Roll20 AudioMaster. You may just want to use the script's built in controls. They are far more powerful . All this macro does is let you generate descriptive names for the tracks while preserving the originals. I posted this elsewhere, and Craven asked for the code that generated the chat output pictured here. I created it because I don't like renaming tracks (it makes them hard to search for later), and the Jukebox tab is not very efficient for in-game play. Your output will probably look slightly different, depending on the emojis used by your system. This link leads to a  spreadsheet whose purpose is to generate macro code for creating a soundboard macro for use in Roll20. It absolutely requires the  Roll20 Audio Manager API script by ScottC and Victor B. To use this spreadsheet, first make a personal copy. Then enter an easily-remembered name for the button in the first column. This can be something like "When the players see the Big Bad" or "Thunderstorm". In the second column, enter the name of the track exactly as it appears in your jukebox. You may need to edit the names of some tracks to remove problematic characters like brackets or colons. If you do not enter a track name, the spreadsheet assumes this is the title of the Soundboard you are creating. You will notice that the code in the third column looks slightly different, beginning with the "/w gm" command that indicates the beginning of the template. You can choose your roll template from the list of common character sheets in the "Choose your template" field below. If you sheet is not listed, you can either use the default template, which will work with any sheet, or edit the list of templates on the second tab of this sheet.  When you have a track list put together, copy the code from the "Code to Paste" column, everything from the line the begins "/w gm" to the next line that reads "}}". That forms a complete macro which you can paste into Roll20. I have included enough sample tracks to give you a feel of how the sheet works. Please contact me at Roll20 if there are any questions.
Scott C.
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Very nice output Keith. Somewhat related: I've chased down the bug. Looking into whether or not it is possible to fix. I'll post the full details on the script's thread
Oh, nicely done! I'm gonna see if I can put this to good use sometime down the line! I'll get back to you if I have any further inquiries! :D
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Sweet! I'm gonna check this out tomorrow!