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Shaped Sheet 5E downgrade


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Let's suppose, hypothetically speaking as I'm asking for a friend.... ahem, if someone were to install the one click and then wanted to actually downgrade to a lower version of the sheet because of compatibility issues as warned in the docs by the creators; how would that be accomplished without actually ruining all the setup that had already taken place.   Not that I'm in that situation because I would NEVER install from one click just to save effort in the short run and ignore the many warnings in the docs, but I'm just sayin',  In case I knew someone with that issue who was a total idiot, what would they do to fix that? On another note, how long does it usually take before the Shaped Companion is upgraded to handle the new version of the Shaped Sheet?
If you're having sheet or script issues, it's best to post in their respective support threads: Sheet Thread API Thread But the unfortunate answer is stay on the version you have or upgrade via custom if the one-click version is not up to date, downgrading will just cause issues. The current versions on github of the sheet (v11.3.3) and script (v8.4.2) are compatible with each other.
Would you have to delete the current character sheet BEFORE adding the custom sheet or AFTER?
You shouldn't need to delete anything. Just select Custom from the drop down menu for Character Sheet and then follow the instructions on the first page of the sheet thread to copy in the HTML, CSS and translation files into their respective areas and Save. Then go to the first page of the API sheet and go through the instructions for the script then Save Script and load back into your campaign. Then make sure to open the sheets to upgrade them or use the !shaped-update-character command to do via the script.
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As Techie said just install the latest versions from both of our Githubs and you should be good to go.
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Helpful hint: Bookmark all of those pages. It makes keeping up with upgrades much simpler.