Roll20 Community Corner #2 Happy Friday and welcome to another Roll20 Community Corner! Let’s get to it shall we?! Developer Spotlight Hi rollers, here’s what’s new in the Tech Corner. On the Production Server: More upgrades and polish to the Addons System. Updates to our internal reporting. We care about supporting the stuff you show us is important. Volo’s lair maps are now an Addon. Updated Gifting Page. Bugfix: Sheetworker issues after removing a linked token from a page. Bugfix: PayPal not being available for certain marketplace purchases. Miscellaneous Compendium corrections and upgrades On the Development Server: Character Sheet list ordering for sheet translations. Further polish to WebRTC video and voice chat. Improving interactions between token drops and default game settings. Including better Compendium interactions. We’re continuing to focus on polishing existing feature this week. We made some adjustments to Addons, fixed a boat load of bugs, and modernized the Volo’s lair maps to be Addons. Most of what we’ve been working on the Dev server are behind the scenes but Phil B. got a new ordering system so that sheet translators can reorder lists (like skills) to make ordered sense once translated. In related news I (Steve K.) found some time to get working on 5E OGL 1.7. Community Highlights To GM or not to GM... We’re looking to create more video content to help folks become GMs and we need your help! Brand Manager Suzanne is currently seeking your wisdom over in  this forum thread . Our goal is to help budding or brand-new GMs to take that final leap into running their own games. If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts, tell us in the thread linked above... If you’ve never GM’d before, why not? What has made you hesitate when you think about GMing? What one thing would you like advice on, that might convince you to GM your next game? Roll20 Roundtable Hour Responses to all of your questions from our  [Questions] Roll20 Roundtable Hour #1 - Q1 2017 are now live in the  [Responses] Roll20 Roundtable Hour #1 - Q1 2017 thread - see the  YouTube video for the top questions answered live! TokenMod This API Script has been around forever, but it’s amazing. Most of our Devs actually include it in every game! TokenMod gives you the ability to do pretty much anything you can normally do to a token, all from the chat panel. While this may not sound too exciting, it means you can make macros that do things like give vision and light to a character at the push of a button. To learn more visit our  TokenMod wiki - Pro users can try TokenMod now from the Roll20 API Script Library from the one-click install menu in your game settings. On the Marketplace Double Dungeons #1 Two adventures for the price of one -  Double Dungeons #1 from Kobold Press ! These short, hard-hitting adventures are each suitable for a single amazing game night or two shorter sessions. With complete terrain, tokens, stats and more, these two dungeons are ready for immediate play! Unessential Monsters Adding to your monster collection… go beyond the Essentials with  Unessential Monsters from Grae Hunter ! Another Graemation Token Pack, with all the classic Graemation aspects and comic book style we’ve all come to know and love. *** That’s all from the Dev Team this week. Have a glorious weekend filled with tons of fun, see you again Friday! -Avacyn ( Roll20 Community Corner #1: 3/31/2017 )