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GMRolls that are hidden even from the player that makes the roll.

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This might sound like an oddity at first, especially for those that are used to the limitations of meatspace, but it would actually be tremendously useful to have, as well as serving as one of the strengths of the Roll20 format. Often, players have to make rolls where they really shouldn't know the result themselves. For example, if a player makes a Knowledge Test or a Perception Test, they shouldn't know if they failed or succeeded - it should be assumed that whatever they rolled, that's what they see (or don't see). Currently, this is either glossed over, or the GM will have to do all the rolls himself, and check the player's sheets, adding a lot of needless hassle. The most annoying example I can think of is when you've got 5 players (or more!) and the GM feels the need to call for a general Perception Test. If it's done in the open (or by /gmroll), everyone that fails will generally know that they failed, while those that succeeded will know that they succeeded. If it's done by the GM, he has to sit there and roll each individually. With a /hiddenroll command, all the players could do their rolls at once, and only the GM sees the results, and can narrate or react to it appropriately.
This would be fantastic.  It would cut down on one player making a check, rolling poorly, and thne everyone else wanting to roll.
Goat Games
Marketplace Creator
this is an obviously needed feature. +1
I +1 to this feature.
+1! Not an odd idea at all, but a very good suggestion and a feature that many users have probably been wanting for at some point in a game
This would be like having a dice tower where the results roll out only in front of the GM. would be great !
+1. I've often wished for something like this. I'd also like to add a little extra to the suggestion, though: if someone does such a roll, a shadowed 3D dice is rolled as well, concealing the result. This would add to the feeling of interactivity, but also to the mystery.

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As a DM sorry to say this but you guys are making it a little more complicated than it needs to be.  Why not write the macro yourself ahead of time.  You whisper it to GM and click on roll that rolls for all your characters.  If you are rolling against PP then you can add that to your tokens or in the macro itself.  Looking at the character sheet or token should not be hard if you need the info readily available to look at put it in the GM section of the character sheet.  Seems problem solved.
If you are a Pro subscriber you already have this ability. There is a script called "Blind Roll" which sends the output only to the DM/GM.  Also can be done with another more versatile script: Powercards. Here is Blind Roll: on("chat:message", function(msg) { var cmdName = "!broll "; var msgTxt = msg.content; var msgWho = msg.who; var msgFormula = msgTxt.slice(cmdName.length); if(msg.type == "api" && msgTxt.indexOf(cmdName) !== -1) { sendChat(msgWho, "/gmroll " + msgFormula); sendChat(msgWho, "/w " + msgWho + " secret roll sent to GM (" + msgFormula + ")"); }; });
Chris K. said: +1. I've often wished for something like this. I'd also like to add a little extra to the suggestion, though: if someone does such a roll, a shadowed 3D dice is rolled as well, concealing the result. This would add to the feeling of interactivity, but also to the mystery. For those that use the 3D dice, I think this is an excellent suggestion, really.
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
This comes up every now and then.
It feels like this would be a rather small addition (it's basically just a /gmroll except only the GM sees the results regardless of who did the roll) so it's disheartening to see it's still not been implemented.
Wow, been three years and still no nibble from the developers. Just added a vote to it. Hopefully they can work on it. Foundry, a new VTT, has blind rolls built into the basic package. 
cant you just make roll as GM instead of player? :-D (also this feature already exists - powercards and api scripts)
I would love to have this feature for every DM (paying much, paying little or paying nothing), because it is more tedious than it sounds to have even more rolls to do as a DM.
Not sure what powercards or api scripts are. Personally, I am looking for a drop down function such as the whisper GM that sits at the bottom of the box. Easy and simple to use. I usually do make the roll for players if it is a secret check. For instance, a recall knowledge check in PFS2. I ask "for those who want to attempt this check, please post your modifier and proficiency in the chat." Once every one has posted them. I do the required number of checks and then reveal results.  Giving us a function, much like Foundry uses, that allows player to give us secret checks, that only reveals the results to the GM, would cut down on a bit of time. Example, same situation as before. "Everyone give me a secret Recall knowledge check for Nature to learn about ..." At this point, each player would choose the option on the drop down that would say "secret" and then submit the roll. The GM would get the results and provide the information as it comes in. 
For people saying htere is an API for this, for the price it cost, I shouldn't have to learn how to code on top of prepping my games.
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Oosh recently posted a "Blind Roll"-method, that doesn't need API . It requires the GM to use the Stylus browser plugin( Chrome / Firefox ) , and the result is only superficially hidden from the players, where they could use browser inspection tools to see the result.
Peter B.
Sheet Author
I was going to make a suggestion for this! Great to see someone beat me to it!  +1 from me!  Again for anyone saying: "just buy pro and code". I don't think buying pro should be needed for this, also I know a lot of player's who play a lot, but do not want to code all the scrips and macros to make this work. Some people are simply not coders and buy pro for other reasons (content, dynamic lighting, and so on) 
I'm playing games of Pathfinder 2E now, and they have a lot of hidden rolls, so it would be nice if they added this so players could still send their roll to the GM (and the GM wouldn't need to keep asking for the numbers all the time). +1 from me
I'm really tired of the 'built-in metagaming' that making those sorts of rolls in public creates. This would be a very, very nice functionality to have. Next step would be updating the primary character sheets to enable them to use the /gmroll functions.

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I appreciate all the workarounds and macro coding expertise that have given me a tool to do secret rolls, but it’s a pain in the butt to add it to every table that I create (I run 2-3 games a week and create 1 or more new tables per week). It would be nice to have secret roll functionality built into the player UI somehow. The Pathfinder 2E content relies more and more on this, and I would prefer to get the players more involved in the process (where Players can initiate the roll, but not see the result— like Fantasy Grounds or Foundry). I have no idea how much of a pain in the butt it is for the programmers on Roll20, but with all the good updates to the PF2e sheets and interface over the last year, this would be another good addition! thanks! Travis
I too would love this. I run a lot of Pathfinder 2nd edition (as well as other games, not just d20 based) and this would be super helpful!
Agreed. This would be a handy function.

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A vote YES here.  Fantasy Grounds uses a dice tower for this function as part of their program and it is great.  
Peter B.
Sheet Author
Cool! We are soon reaching 100 votes. Maybe Roll20 will notice The thread Then! 
John P
KS Backer
I do this now with the Stylus browser plugin and it HUGELY improves the feel of the game. Now the players have no idea how well they are stealthing or perceiving.

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Sheet Author
+1 greatly needed feature !  For all knowledge or perception rolls, a fumble must give a false information to the player, and the player has to believe it. Very difficult to roleplay for most players. IRL, it's the "roll behind my screen" option. Really really needed.
Obviously an incredibly important feature especially if Roll20 wants to have good Pathfinder 2e support. Secret Rolls are critical and the ability for players to make Secret Rolls is one of the big advantages of a virtual table vs a physical one. Use it please Roll20!
MK Ultra said: +1! Not an odd idea at all, but a very good suggestion and a feature that many users have probably been wanting for at some point in a game Yeah, +1, I've wanted to be able to make secret checks for my PCs all the time.
Been wanting this for some time. Hope it comes to pass.