Gabriel Pickard CityWalls/Village to Pillage Scaling

I'm in love with the map packs, but I'm having trouble with scaling and getting things to fit together. I'm just wondering what kinda of scaling people are using for the pieces. Like what is the ideal feet per square, and what width x height are people using for the individual tiles to get the most realistic distances out of them.
There is a  wiki page with that info.
I wasn't aware! Thanks :)
Gabriel P.
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My maps generally use 5' squares.  All the maps for The City Walls Village to pillage set are 20x20 squares. 
I just got the sewer pack and having issue matching the items together and the size.  Do you have a dungeon built that you can share so we can see how it fits together. How do you get doors on the rooms they are all closed in? Nice art work btw ty.
Gabriel P.
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@Craven . The sizes for all items appear in the title and are listed in grid squares.  So for instance VTSM Sewer Channel Bridge 3 2x4 is intended to be used at a size of 2x4 grid squares.  You can place openings in the rooms using the connectors to the appropriate type of tunnel (thin for thin tunnels wide for wide tunnels).  So to connect a tunnel to a room you'll need a room a connector and the hall you want to connect to it and it will fit like this: Not sure the policy on outside links but there is a gif, that got retweeted by roll20 so hopefully its ok that shows pieces going together here: Happy gaming!
Gabriel! Love your stuff, i've bought a few sets! They link together beautifully! My players are always commenting on the detail!