Star Wars FFG game

Hey all, our game has lost one of its members and we are looking for one more. I think we are going to choose the new member either today or very soon. We have just started working with the Rebels and just found a Jedi Holocron. Although only my character is the only person that knows what it is. In the timeline the Battle of Yavin is about to happen or has just happened. We haven't heard anything other than the Rebel Forces are rumored to be gathering at Yavin recently. Currently we have the following: Arcturus/Human: Seeker/Ataru Striker (trained loosely by a newly promoted Jedi Knight at the time of Order 66) Crash/Drall: Hired Gun/Demolitionist Cypher/Rodian: Bounty hunter/Gadgeteer Squato/Toydarian: Smuggler/Gambler
Apps are still open
I would love to play but ii only have experience with 5e if some one has time to explain some rules i am so down. 
We could do that. There is a character builder you can use as well although it doesn't explain what the abilities do just where to find them in the books. I could help you with it, but I only have 2 of the books.
I'd be interested in playing if you're still looking for people. I have a few loose character concepts and would be willing to pick one to round out the group. Ideally, I'd like to talk with everyone if that's at all possible, so I know what sort of character to put on offer.
Hey! I'm a pretty experienced player and I feel my character ideas would fit in great with the current party. If you're still looking for a member i'd love to join in :)
Yes we are. Just head to the app page and apply :)
The apps are still open
I just wanted to say, "YES!!" for something other than DnD games on the board.  Trying to decide if I want to ebay my SW books that have been sitting on the bookshelf for nearly 2 years collecting dust.  Its a great system
Yes it is, but it suffers from the same problem as most systems, to many players and to few GMs. I found this while searching the FFG reddit a while back. It is a discord dedicated to FFG and it spans several online systems, but Roll20 seems to be very popular on it.