[LFP][D&D5e] Time Negotiable Homebrew Campaign

I am a relatively new DM (I've only run about 4 campaigns) with generally good reviews from my players, I tend to run my campaigns like the physical tabletop where most of the areas are done by my description with the only maps being battle maps and some dungeon areas, the homebrew campaign I run is very open ended with a lot of player freedom where an entire country is your playground free for you to be as good or evil as you see fit (i'm still inventing more and more new stuff for it every time I play so no 2 runs are the same) I do tend to take it a little easier on my players because my main focus is RP more than combat so if you are a new player no worries you'll pick it up as we go. Homebrew races and classes are negotiable as long as they aren't super overpowered. I would prefer if discord was used for the campaign but skype works too if necessary. (I will PM the details to anyone interested)
Hi there, I'm Rachelle a.k.a Jamball and  I'm looking to try some new games and your focus on rp is the kind of thing I am looking for. I would love to apply and see how your campaign runs. I have discord and skype or anything else that may be used. If there is more information on the campaign to read or if you'd like to get in touch feel free to pm me  =)
I'd be interested in playing, provided the time works out. I'm a very experienced player and I'm willing to fill in any gaps in the player group. I'm also more than happy to help rookie players with rules, if we end up having any.
@Ghost and @Jamball thanks for replying I have sent you both a PM, if this works out we should only need 1 more player to begin but the more the merrier so I'm going to leave it open for a little while
Hello, Im looking to join a new group or two currently and would be glad to join. The only thing id need a hand with is rolling a character as i used to GM some games previously and did not use the standard methods for making characters (used a custom system a friend made for simplicity). i can almost certainly be available any time so long as i get a two week heads up so i can opt that day out of my schedule, and can fill any role (prefer Defenders or Magic Users).
I am a new player with a ton of ideas looking for a new group to join, and would love to hear more about what home brew elements you have in store. What time zone are you in?
Id definetly be interested in trying this, sounds like alot of fun, tho yeah id need to know what time and we playin on. Im GMT +1 if it matters.
just as an update, it looks like sunday will be the prime candidate for the day we play if you can make that then it would be great
I would be interested in the campaign if you still have a slot open.
I'd like to join in too if there's room
last call for anyone wanting to join this campaign, the time has been set at 6:00 PM GMT (convert it to your own time zone) on sunday start time, we have 4 players currently so we have 2 potential slots open. 
I would be interested in joining, as i am just working to get back into things. What would i need coming in? 
i would like to join ur game i just cant play Wednesday night  or Saturday  at 12 pm