[LF2-3M] [DnD5e] [Friday 8pm-12am EST Weekly]

hi, We're looking to fill our group of adventurers. Next game (session 0) is scheduled for April 21st. The Setting: Eight hundreds years ago, a cataclysmic event known as The Sundering tore the world in two. Over night, all pillars of civilization collapsed. The Elves retreated into their ancestral forest, the Dwarves disappeared into the earth, and Mankind was left to reel in the devastation of a sundered world they no longer know or understand. A continent rose from the depth of the ocean, yet another untethered itself from the earth and float off into the sky. Life cautiously returned to the realm. Empires were rebuilt, secrets were unearthed, yet the truth of the Sundering remained a mystery in its entirety. A society of scholars were assembled in an effort to understand the calamity 'lest it happened again. Feudal states, free thinkers, old monarchs, and merchant kings vying for power as the common folks toil in the maelstrom. The question that remains: Who are you, and what will historians write about you and your deeds? For your consideration: We use a couple variant rules: Spell Points (DMG pg. 288-289). We use Discord. Current party level is 5. Materials: all published material by WotC except Aarakocra. No homebrew races. No UA (as it is not officially published). I'm more than happy to answer any question you might have.
i be happy to play in ur game do u aloud imports i have a halfling rogue or halfling ranger i used 15 14 13 12 10 8 on both be happy to reroll stats  
This sounds pretty fun. Still have room? I kind of have a desire to play a straight-up defensive type, perhaps a bodyguard or agent for one of those merchant kings you mentioned. Maybe a human battle master, likely focusing on shield + weapon?

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Hey Rhamsy. If you are still looking for players, that time slot works well for me. I'm from New Zealand, 30 and consider myself a fairly prolific 5e player. As for characters, I'm most familiar with playing bard, clerics, fighters and rogues. However I'd welcome the opportunity to try out something new. Additionally I'm very familiar with the Spellpoint variant rule, as I almost always use it in campaigns I DM/play. Questions: What's the current party composition? How do they/you feel about inter-party conflict? (I'd personally like to avoid excessive interstrife) Are there any alignments would would prefer the characters to be