Roll20 Community Corner #4 Greetings and welcome to another Community Corner! Let’s do this... Developer Spotlight This week our Developers pushed out a new update. We've linked the update thread posted earlier this week below. Please see the full changlog for details from QA Manager Kristin: Update 4/19/2017: WebRTC, Game Default Handling, Dynamic In-Game IDs, & Quality of Life Improvements! Community Highlights This week we're highlighting another API Script from our One-Click menu... Areas of Effect - from API Script author Stephen L. GMs, your spellcasting players will love you for this script! It lets you create graphical areas of effect for various spells and other powers, and then your players can create these effects by drawing lines specifying their range, origin, and angle. Areas of effect can be created from any graphic that you have uploaded to your library. On the Marketplace Looking for a little more color in your games? Chibbin Grove might just be the creator you are looking for... Chibbin Grove Forest 1 Marketplace creator Chibbin Grove presents a collection of 9 20x20 maps, 4 20x10 maps and 167 items to create your own maps. Will your party fall enchanted to the beauty and awe of the forest or triumph and find their path. *** Make sure to check out the Update post above and have a wonderful weekend! -Avacyn ( Roll20 Community Corner #3: 4/14/2017 - Dev Team Updates Weekly! )