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Tavonni part II:


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Meo wakes. As the fuzz clears from her mind she realizes where she is, what just happened. She's laying face down in a vac-suit on the lid of a lowbearth. The shuttle is upside down."So," she thinks, "still alive, body feels ok and the vac-suit is still working... Am I the only one?". She keys the com in her vac-suit,"Hello... hello this is Meo. Can anyone hear me?" As time passes with out a response she decides to open the lid. She drops to the cieling of the shuttle. It shutters and moves under Meo's feet, a loud groaning accompanies the shuttle shifting and moving. It comes to a crashing, jarring halt after about 3 seconds. Meo finds herself on her back with a lowbearth inches from her face half torn from the floor barely avoiding breaking loose and crushing her. She rolls away and then, "WHAT THE FUCK!", Meo hears over the comms. "Is that you Prof?" she says. "Yea, we're not on the ground." he says. The shuttle is rolled 90 degrees on it's side with the nose pointing down about 30 degrees. "Don't Move!" they both say in unison. Then after a few seconds the Professor says "Well, this won't work for long either. I'm going to try to get to the door." Meo waits, ready for the shuttle to shift and fall, wondering what she could do if it did, thinking about how close to death she just came and how close it still is, "This is getting old" she thinks "I'm getting used to narrowly escaping death".Then the Professor says "OK, you can move. It looks like the shuttle is stuck real good now. This tree is huge. I can't tell how for away the ground is". As Meo makes her way to the door the other crew awake and check in over the comm. Everyone made it.
Useful's body hang limply in the pilot's couch, arms and right leg dangling off to the side much like a ragdoll being carried by a small child. She groggily opens her eyes and attempts to get her bearings. She lifts the visor of her HEV suit and is suddenly startled by the dramatic angle of the ship. "Hello," she says sheepishly into her suit's com, "yes this is Useful. I'm okay .. but..." she wipes her face with the back of her gauntlet, "...I seem to be suffering from a nose bleed. Is everyone else alright?"
Lee's eyes open, confusion! Where am I?, Who's shelling us?, Where's the Commander... His head clears a little and realizes he's not in battle although this situation might not be any better.  Touching the mic button on his combat armor he says "This is Captain Lee Hart, I appear to be uninjured although a little disoriented. What's the chain of command avalible?" 
(Everything in Jim's post that said "Professor" replace with Tertey.) -After what happened in previous post-  *To everyone over Comms* "Anyone have any damaged low berths they're stuck in? Any parts of the ship trapping you in? Can you move around right now?"