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Help with Alter Bar on TokenScript (Sky)

I've been using Sky's script (found here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... and run into a problem where I can't add multiplication into the subtraction calculation. Here is what I've been entering: !alter @{target|token_id} 2 -?{Subtract from Bar|1d5+5+@{selected|Ability1}*@{selected|Ability} The numbers pull correctly but then it does some funky math whenever I include the multiplication sign.
Forum Champion
Try this: !alter @{target|token_id} 2 - [[ ?{Subtract from Bar|1d5+5+@{selected|Ability1}*@{selected|Ability}} ]]
Thanks for the response! I tried that but now it doesn't seem to run any calculation.
Forum Champion
Hm, do you have the script's latest version ? If you do, try one of these: !alter --target|@{target|token_id} --bar|2 --amount|-[[?{Subtract from Bar|1d5+5+@{selected|Ability1}*@{selected|Ability}}]] !alter --target|@{target|token_id} --bar|2 --amount|-?{Subtract from Bar|1d5+5+@{selected|Ability1}*@{selected|Ability}}
Try the new version... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... ... and then let us know what's going on with it.
Works great now!! Thank you!!