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Token name number

Is there a way to set it up so that when I pull a token out that is a named/unique character that it does NOT add a number to them or roll their hp??  My BBEG should not be Dalforius the Magnificent 7.  It just really ruins the effect for me.  Plus I want him to have his hp, not a randomly rolled amount. Any ideas?
You need to save the sheet as a unique character and not a mook. 
The Aaron
API Scripter
And specifically, if you don't have %%NUMBERED%% in the name, it won't replace it with a number.  If you're using the Shaped sheet, and the number it does for you, it's probably adding that automatically.
Yes, I have it set when I update tokens to defaults to add the numbers on the Shaped Sheet I believe.  How would I save the sheet as a unique character instead of a mook and also tell it to remove the %%numbered%% from the sheet???
Simply edit the sheet (especially the up and name) and save it. Then edit the token, removing the %%NUMBERED%% from the name. Save it. Edit the sheet and replace the token with your newly saved token. That should do it!