So, it is one of those times again where I have the urge and free time to run a one shot. It will be using the DnD 5e rule-set, set in Faerun. Just something hopefully fun, and potentially a chance for new players to get a small taste of dnd on roll20. Time I will be holding it on the coming Saturday 6:00pm PDT, although as I am leaving this open to new players also, it may take a little bit of time to get their character sheet set up and get them accustomed to roll20 (if they are completely new). I haven't set a time limit for how long the game will last, but it will probably be about 4 hours. This of course depends on the players and what they get up to. Character Information The players will be starting at level 3, and standard PHB, EE and SCAG options are available. If you really want to play something out of the UA releases, you may PM me and we can have a discussion about it. Some Rules If you do join, please be respectful of others and be patient towards the newer players. I would personally prefer players 18+, and I am terribly sorry if that doesn't suit you. We will be using discord, and using voice as the form of communication. This does mean that you do need a clear microphone/headset, and be willing to use push to talk. When playing a game with multiple people, it is vital that you are able to clearly understand each other, and furthermore, make sure consistent background noise isn't disruptive to the other players. If everything suits you, please make a brief post with some basic info about you, and what you want to play. Otherwise, if you have other questions, feel free to send me a PM.