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Chat archive missing everything rolled from sheets


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The chat archive available from outside a game is no longer displaying anything "rolled" or initiated from a Pathfinder character sheet.  I've checked the chat archive for three different Pathfinder games using the community sheet and all have the same issue.  I don't know if it's limited to the Pathfinder sheet or all roll20 archive logs.  Note everything still appears within game chat.  The problem is limited to the external log. The issue seemed to occur shortly after the start of 29-April (EDT).  I finished checking an archive log that did contain things rolled from PF sheets, reloaded it to get new entries, and then noticed it no longer contained any such entries.  I first noticed the problem using Chrome, but couldn't verify it with Firefox (which often fails to load a large archive log) This means most actions a player initiates from a sheet are logged solely with their avatar, and the attacks or checks normally shown are completely missing.  Any text or inline calcs written from the chat box still appear. I haven't checked a sheet roll called from chat, but I suspect anything using the sheet's templates will also not appear in the external log
I don't know what the issue was, but after another 30 minutes the problem appears to be gone.  The chat archives in each of the games are again showing all the past PF sheet initiated results.  Go figure.

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Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
It might have been a server hiccup or internet lag as this stuff happens sometimes during roll20 busy times.
Server issues possibly, but at over 20 minutes across multiple games it would more a coughing spell than a hiccup.  Multiple reloads in each of the games didn't clear the issue.  It seemed less likely to be an internet issue, like the image artifacts outage earlier this year, since everything was still showing correctly within in-game chat.  Only the larger external chat log displayed the issue. I've worked in data center and IT operations for a long time, so I know what a PITA finding root cause can be on when the weird interactions occurs Without useful data from the apps or infrastructure this one seems unlikely to be found this time.