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[5e Shaped] Automating Applying the Modifier Section with ChatSetAttr

Loving the new modifier section in Shaped Sheet 12.0.4, it is clearly going to be a better system. Unfortunately it breaks the work I did setting up buff macros using chatsetattr to change the global modifiers. If I make sure all the characters have the basic buffs in a set order they should be identifiable with repeating_modifier_$0 , correct? What I haven't been able to figure out is the format for checking the selector box via chatsetattr. 
I would assume it would be =true , but don't quote me on that.
Tried using !setattr --name @{target|For ChatSetAtr|character_name} --repeating_modifier_$0#true Getting error Errors Could not understand repeating attribute name repeating_modifier_$0. 6:18PM(From ChatSetAttr): Setting attributes Nothing to do for character Falfnir. Tried using !setattr --name @{target|For ChatSetAtr|character_name} --repeating_modifier_$0_itemcontrol#true Script says attr set to true but box isn't checked. From ChatSetAttr): Setting attributes Setting repeating_modifier_$0_itemcontrol to true for character Falfnir. Also tried  !setattr --name @{target|For ChatSetAtr|character_name} --repeating_modifier_$0_checkbox#true

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Sheet Author
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The attribute name is active, and the value you should set it to is "on". The former you can see by right click -> inspect, and the latter you just have to know is the roll20 default for checkboxes with no specified value :). So the syntax would be --repeating_modifier_$0_active#on for turning it on, and --repeating_modifier_$0_active#0 for turning it off. EDIT: Can't type.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Jakob said: the syntax would be --repeating_modifier_$0_active#on for turning it on My intention is that all checkboxes are a value of 1. It looks like I didn't do that for the top level modifier. If what I'm reading above is being intepreted correctly then this will change when I change on to 1 in the next version.
Thank you folks
It was indeed !setattr --name @{target|For ChatSetAtr|character_name} --repeating_modifier_$0_active#on