Born on Ember in the year 1063, he came from a decent (but not noble) background. He always had aspirations of joining the Navy, so when he turned 18 he immediately enrolled. When he joined he found out that he had the perfect educational needs to be an engineer, and he was one hell of an engineer at that too. He served in the Navy for 6 terms, to be promoted to Chief Petty Officer in those 5 terms. Speaking to his understanding of people, and his understanding of how machines work. When he finally left the Navy he was an expert Mechanic, matched only by maybe a few, along with being an excellent engineer. He had built up so many notorious claims to "fame" during his time in the Navy, he ended up becoming an Imperial Knight by the end of it. Unfortunately for poor Tertey, his fast promotion to Chief Petty Officer, along with becoming a Knight, brought jealousy from upper echelons of Terra. That's when his enemy from the Navy told a Count on Terra about his findings of an ancient alien artifact while still in the Navy. The Count used their connections to convince the Duke to fire him from his public office job, and freeze all his assets. Tertey, disgraced and without honor, fled Terra with help from his friend he made in the Navy. His friend helped send him Spinward, as far from Terra as he could get. That's where he was caught by Capt. Drakes fleet when they searched the ship he was in for workers and valuables. He was able to make a decent life for himself under the port commander, working as an engineer and Mechanic. The rest of his story is for us all to experience.