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[LFP] It Comes At Night - Pathfinder

Yo, so here is your premise: Winterhaven, a sleepy town near the Kryo Mountains that is the last stop of merchants before they make the hazardous trip through. As the settlement grew the Pathfinder Society decided that it was in need of a local guild to better assist the traveling merchants and to delve into the uncharted portions of the nearby wild mountain range. Papers were dispatched with a group of Pathfinders sent as envoys to speak with the local magistrate who would be assisting in the beginning of the chapter. Everything was going well until a letter arrived at your Guildmaster's desk informing him that the citizens had found all 6 of the Pathfinders strung up by their insides from lampposts, quite deceased. So you are being sent to Winterhaven with a singular mission; find out who killed your guildmates and ensure that no one stands in the way of the chapter being constructed in Winterhaven. Best of luck Pathfinder! So now that I have entirely captivated you.. The game is Pathfinder, Golarion setting with some homebrew thrown in for good seasoning. It will be on Tuesday 530p CST. So quit waiting around and throw in your applications, need a few more to fill out the group!