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[LFP] It Comes At Night - D&D 5e

Winterhaven, a sleepy town near the Kryo Mountains that is the last stop of merchants before they make the hazardous trip through. As the settlement grew the Harbingers decided that it was in need of a local guild to better assist the traveling merchants and to delve into the uncharted portions of the nearby wild mountain range. Papers were dispatched with a group of wayfinders sent as envoys to speak with the local magistrate who would be assisting in the beginning of the chapter. Everything was going well until a letter arrived at your Guildmaster's desk informing him that the citizens had found all 6 of the envoys had been found strung up by their insides from lampposts, quite deceased. So you are being sent to Winterhaven with a singular mission; find out who killed your guildmates and ensure that no one stands in the way of the chapter being constructed in Winterhaven. Best of luck Harbinger! Details: My 5e homebrew adventure looking for 3-4 players to fufill our roster. I write very gritty, sometimes dark games. Game will be on Thursday evenings and will use Skype. 
Hey friend, my fiance and I would like to know more about your world and campaign, PM if you would like to know more. I also have a discord, RC3117 #5214 , i can provide my skype should you desire that. thanks!
If you are curious then simply ask away otherwise you run the risk of having me ramble. :)
1) UA content allowed? 2) We are PST/PDT, what is your timezone? 3) Can you further Define evenings? 4) Any classes off limits? 5) How free are we to come up with backstory? (This one is for me as I am an avid believer in backstory, while she is not) 6) When are you looking to start?
1.) If WotC released it then I am ok with it. 2.) CST 3.) Defined by the group but anywhere from 4-10 CST is the target 4.) Nope.  5.) It is a homebrew world, so setting can be molded to backstory to an extent. You want to write in that you hail from a kingdom run by beauracratic necromancers, sounds like a have a interesting new country.  6.) Whenever I feel enough interest has been generated. 
Cool, we are both game to play. Do you need character briefs?
I do.
I would like to join as well, i have every kind of talking program but skype haha. I will reinstall it if that is what will be used for the game. 4pm your time is 2pm my time, most days im not free until 4 or 5 pm my time.  i would like to keep playing the warlock class as my last game the gm dropped due to personal conflict Race: changeling Class: Warlock Alignment: Neutral/ Chaotic Neutral Background: I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. Something important was stolen from me, and I aim to take it back. I have impulsive urges to set things on fire. (Optional) Backstory: Pact- My town was burned to the ground during the war. I was trapped under a support beam in my house as I watched my family burn in front of my eyes. I thought I was dead until the voice spoke to me. I traded service for power and life that day. I will find the ones responsible for my towns destruction, as they also pillaged my house and took my family heirloom. The Great Old One guides me, I am the unbending fist of its will.
im down to play let me know if you still have a open sot so i can start thinking up a character. And if you do not have a open spot hope u have a great game =D