Greetings Community! Welcome to another week of Community Corner. You picked a great week to read! Check out the sneak peak at the end of the Developer Spotlight... :D Developer Spotlight Hi rollers, here’s what’s new in the Tech Corner. On the Production Server New Tabletop Audio track Orbital Promenade is now available for your jukebox. Regular community Character Sheet, API Script, and Site Translation updates. Bugfix: Addons patcher had an issue adding it’s folder structure with some patches if the game they were being included in didn’t have any folders. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where some users were having trouble purchasing a product for themselves after gifting it to a friend. Bugfix: Fixed a misspelled variable in the WebRTC code that was causing issues when only some users were transmitting and others were only receiving data. On the Development Server Back end changes to character sheets and compendiums to pave the way for future content. We’re right in the middle part of our Compendium update sprint. Progress is slow but steady as we want to make sure this update is done right. The Compendium is an amazing feature. It has all of the data for our two most popular games in a structured format. You can search in as granular a way as you desire to get back just the results you want to see. For example, you could just pull up CR1 Beasts or Level 3 Warlock Necromancy Spells with a Range of 120ft. The problem is that using the advance searching options is completely arcane and unaccessible. Just to get the CR1 Beasts back you’d need to type in the search string of “Category:Monsters "Challenge Rating":1 Type:Beast” and if you mistype any of that you’ll get nothing instead. Moreover, the advance search prompt isn’t even available inside the app to help you generate the string. Part One of this Compendium Update is to make intuitive predictive searching, in and out of the app. The challenge is in implementing it in a way that’s system agnostic and not just hard coded to work for F20. We’re working on bringing in other games into the Compendium and this system needs to support any rule set. I think the model we’ve come up with does the job and will make the Compendium a much more useful tool to all our users. In other news… Community Highlights Solipstry Solipstry is a universe-independent, skill-based RPG aimed at simplifying mechanics and reducing dice rolls. Recently funded on  Kickstarter , this Sheet is available now on the Roll20 Sheet dropdown! GroupCheck This is an API script is meant to run checks for several tokens at once. You can specify the type of check to run and it will roll it once for every selected token. Visit the  One-Click menu to give it a try! On the Marketplace Summon-Ready Monsters VI by Brass Badger Workshop Are you a wizard, ready to annoy your DM with a slew of unending monsters to solve every problem? Are you a DM, troubled by a wizard that thinks he's Gonna Catch Em All...and then use a single combat? The fourth installment of summon monsters is here! Perfect for level 10-12 wizards, sorcerers and summoners playing classic fantasy games, or anyone who needs a giant boa constrictor and several horrible jellyfish to torment their players. Including sacred and tainted templates for all creatures to whom relevant templates may be applied. *** That it for this week! See you again next Friday! -Avacyn ( Roll20 Community Corner #7: 5/12/2017 - Updates & Community News. Roll20CON Key Art Inside! )