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!group-init script error high initiative numbers

I just ran the !group-init command and all my initiative numbers were like from 17-36.  It is adding the full dex to the init roll. The bonus stat group is set to dexterity|current How would I change that to the correct thing, (which I'm guessing is init or something like that)?
The Aaron said: You probably want: !group-init --del-group 1 a few times to clear out, then try: !group-init --add-group --bare initiative_bonus --tie-breaker initiative_bonus <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I found that also and tried it. &nbsp;It changed the stat to initiative bonus but then the initiative rolls were just 14+0 bonus, 7+0 bonus with no breakdown of the d20+the attribute. &nbsp;Should it just show them as one roll and a +0 bonus on each roll??
The Aaron
API Scripter
What character sheet are you using? &nbsp;If it's the shaped sheet, go to the documentation (link at the bottom of the sheet), there is a section that explains how to configure it.&nbsp;