The Roll20-Only Text Games Club is a club for enthusiasts of text-only Roll20 games that are played entirely within the Roll20 website. Members are welcome to play Roll20 games using Discord and otther supplementary text communication methods, as well as to play voice/video games, as long as they do so outside the auspices of the Club. By about 2 pm Eastern Time, there have been 10 requests or invitations for membership and there are currently 7 members, me included. The member threads currently include a survey poll, a thread gauging expression of interest in solos, and a thread to optionally let other members know when you are be in the game room when a club event is not scheduled (so people can randomly meet up in the game room if they want). Club activities and games in the game room are in the works, as are affiliated new games for members. Anyone is welcome to apply to join. To view the club listing, please click here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>