Wishlists for Characters


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Wishlist for Straxus, List subject to change (c), Items of particular interest (*) Wrist Lesser Bracers of Archery Greater Bracers of Archery Arrowmasters Bracers (*) Bracers of Falcon's Aim Shoulders Hunter's Cloak Comfort's Cloak(*) Cape of the Montebank Cloak of Displacement Cloak of Elvenkind Cloak of the Hunt Wings of Flying Feet Boots of Friendly Terrain (City) Boots of Speed (*) Shoes of Lightning Leaping Hands High Elven Bracers Shadow Falconer's Gloves(*) Saboteur's Gloves Whispering Gloves Body Gunman's Duster Eyes Eyes of keen sight Eyes of the eagle Goggles of minute seeing Star of Vision (*) Head Helm of Telepathy Hunters Nose Ring Shadow Fletching(*) Snipers Helmet Chest Vest of the Vengeful Tracker Neck Amulet of hidden strength Greater Best Friend Pendant (*) Amulet of Natural Armor Amulet of Wind Defiance Headband Guerrilla bandana Headband of inspired Wisdom Hunters Band(*) Winter wolf headband Belt Silver Soul Cord (*) Belt of Dexterity Equestrian Belt Weapons or Properties Specific Weapons Arrow Splitter(*) Lightning Bow Properties Seeking Endless Ammunition Speed Misc. Silver Nocking Point Efficient Quiver (multiples)(*) Voidlight lantern Luminous Lockpicks Bags of Holding Handy Haversack Rings x2 Deadeye's Spotter Ring(*) Red Hound Ring Ring of Evasion Ring of Foe Focus Weapon Type Choices Longswords Long bows Short bows Ripping From Jay (Thank you!) Aesthetically I would love a light and dark theme and flame.  Alternativly I like items that buff himself (Gravity Bow, Enlarge Person, Truestrike, displacement, or blur).  Also Straxus avoids hoods or shirts without buttons.  (Impossible for him to wear).

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Like Dave's this is subject to change, but at least an idea for Vael: Belt Belt of Incredible Dexterity Belt of Physical Might (Dex/Con) Belt of Physical Perfection Heavyload Belt Shadowform Belt Body Corset of the Vishkanya Robes of the Summit Shocking Robe Chest Bane Baldric Bandages of Rapid Recovery Mantle of Spell Resistance Tunic of Careful Casting Unfettered Shirt Eyes Eyes of the Eagle Goggles of Elvenkind Spectacles of Understanding Feet Boots of Speed Boots of Striding and Springing Nightmare Boots Shoes of Lightning Leaping Hands Gloves of Arcane Striking Glove of Storing Spellstrike Gloves Head Cap of the Free Thinker Circlet of Persuasion Helm of Electric Radiance Plague Mask Stormlord's Helm Headband Headband of Arcane Energy Headband of Counterspelling Headband of Vast Intelligence Neck Amulet of Natural Armor Amulet of Elemental Strife Brooch of Amber Sparks Stormlure Shoulders Cloak of Resistance Eagle Cape Shield Cloak Wrists Bracers of Armor Bracelet of Bargaining Spellguard Bracers Spellsight Bracers Wondrous Blessed Book Handy Haversack Pearl of Power (1st level) Stone of Good Luck (or Lucky Rock) Rings Ring of Arcane Mastery Ring of Protection Ring of Sustenance Ring of Wizardry (1st level) Ioun Stones Amber Spindle Clear Spindle Crimson Sphere Deep Red Sphere Dusty Rose Prism Orange Prism Pale Green Prism Vibrant Purple Prism Armour Alchemist’s Suit Armiger’s Armor Blackfingers Apron Celestial Armor (and/or Plate Armor) Chain Vest of Dawn Elemental Bulwark Field Medic’s Breastplate Gale Armor Hellwasp Corset Mithral Shirt Mistmail Mithral Fullplate of Speed Wizard’s Mail Workman’s Armor Armour Properties Fortification Glamered Spell Storing Too much? And if possible the flavour where applicable would be air-based (lightning, electricity, mist, clouds, etc...) Edit: Also probably any healing items. Not necessarily items that heals herself, but items that lets her heal others Edit 2: With the new addition of the Kensai archtype, I lose my armour proficiency. I'll have to go through the above list to see what I can and cannot use now in terms of armour
for Portia... I kinda wrote down a lot. and trying to make a table in this was being really weird and buggy for me. not worth the hassle. so i just made a spreadsheet with google. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ms0da0tkgwyTHQfXRb_tX8Gll3v-hrE97x-tCBIE59A/edit?usp=sharing