Hello Roll20! My name is Mel and I’m happy to introduce myself as the new Product Coordinator for Roll20. I’ll be working with the module production team implementing new modules, and also updating prior releases. Our first update is to Tales from the Yawning Portal! Below you’ll see the notes for everything that’s been updated for these Add Ons. For more information on how to add these Add Ons in your game,  please check out our initial Announcement page . To report any bugs with the Add Ons, please do so on the  NEW Bug Forum Thread . Against the Giants 1.1 Added Cover Page to Add-On Tokens have been added to the Galacial Rift Lower map. In Area 2A, Young White Dragon tokens were added on the GM layer. In Area 5, Frost Giant Token was added. The Handout for Galacial Rift Upper - Area 13, the text properly links to the Frost Brand Sword. Dead in Thay 1.1 Added Cover Page to Add-On Skeleton token placements have been adjusted in Area 19. Area token added to GM Layer in Area 27. Forge of Fury 1.1 Added Cover Page to Add-On The Mountain Door has had several updates. Secret Doors have been moved to GM Layer and Dynamic Lighting has been adjusted for Secret Doors. The Treasure Description has been adjusted in Area 14 to add in a weapon described in the Aftermath Handout . The Glitterhame - Updated the description of the warhammer in Treasure in Area 23 for consistency in the Aftermath Handout. The Foundry has had token adjustments. The correct monster, Skeletons, have been placed in Area 45. A Gargantuan Rug of Smothering has been placed in the GM Layer in Area 47. Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan 1.1 Added Cover Page to Add-On General spelling corrections have been updated. Room Numbers, Traps and Secret Doors should no longer be Drawings. Dynamic Lighting has been updated on Secret Door between Area 15 and 16. Zombie tokens were added to GM layer in Area 18. Werejaguar token in Area 30 has been moved to GM layer. Water Weird token and Handout text have been adjusted in Area 48 to match map art. Area 54 Handout Link has been updated to link to correct Handout. Sunless Citadel 1.1 Added Cover Page to Add-On General Updates have been done across the Add On. Room Numbers, Traps and Secret Doors should no longer be Drawings. Adjusted Dynamic Lighting to close some gaps. Removed Commoner token from Area 1 Skeletons in Area 27 moved to GM Layer. Updated Erky Timbers Character Sheet spells Tomb of Horrors 1.1 Added Cover Page to Add-On Adjusted Dynamic Lighting for better atmosphere and Updated Dynamic Lighting in Room 1, 24, 25 Added Map title text to GM Layer, Map has been updated to remove text Added Stone Block as a Token in Area 2 and updated Handout to reflect this Added Handout of Green Devil Mask Trap to Areas 6 and 25 Added Poisonous Snake to DM layer in room 21 Added Door to Area 23 (False and True) White Plume Mountain 1.2 Added Cover Page to Add-On Thank you for your patience as we work through these patches, and I look forward to continuing to bring you all awesome content for your games! May the dice be in your favor!