I'm currently looking to recruit one more player for a game I am currently Running. The game is a partially homebrew world that will be changing and reacting to how the players choose to interact with the setting. I am making an effort to provide a unique experience with this game, by creating custom magic items, powers, and even feats to help build the world. If you've ever read any LitRPG books you will know exactly what weirdness you will be in for , other examples are 2 animes called Log horizon or Sword Art Online I am a long-time GM with a history of long and short running games. I take efforts in creating a balanced and fun environment for my players - both in game and out. I prefer to game with people who aren't one dimensional, and who can make me laugh. For a balanced and fun environment in the game, I'm fairly relaxed about most rules, allowing players the options of knowing that intelligent actions and Story takes precedence over mechanical rules. I do recognize that failure is not the same as death, I often rule that there can be consequences for characters failing that arent immediately murderous. I will try very hard not to seek to murderer players though sometimes even I will be tempted to fail my rolls for that. I dont punish players for questioning my actions. Sometimes my answers will be there is a reason that action didn't work and its not because I told you so, or I will look back at the book and say your absolutely right let me fix that mistake. I will make my best attempt to be fair. What I'm Looking For Players willing to talk with me and get along with the other players in the group. Someone who enjoys playing a game for playing a game. Who wants story, action, shenanigans, Dungeon crawling, Town rebuilding, magical research, combat research, willingness to dig into the game world and learn something new. Players willing to understand that inserting the pointy end of your weapon isn't always the answer to every problem Storytellers. People who want to interact with the world, and with other players. Story and RP trump basic rules nearly every time. A player that can handle resource management and monitor battlefield tactics and make decent decisions to amazing decisions. What I'm Not Looking For Rules Lawyers. I'm an easy going GM. I do like giving my players the ability to think outside of the box. Players who can only operate inside a box annoy me and my current players. But if you again feel I made a large mistake do see earlier comment Crazed Homicidal Players. Why are you trying to role play? If that is what you want there is a shiny first person shooter with your name on it. There are reasons why monsters or NPC's do what they do, If I'm going to spend hours of my time creating this world each week and running it, the least you could do is talk to an NPC before you stab it to death Players who have zero communication skills. I expect you to Roleplay, I expect you to talk with your allies and your foes in some cases. I currently have Two Players One is a Defensive Melee based Paladin type The other is a Elementalist wizard I am looking to add one more to the mix. Game times are again Saturdays 4:00 ish PM <PST>, basically when everyone is around and prepared to go till 9pm+ or until one of the party has to take off due to work, school or real life getting into the mix. Players must have access to mumble or install it , we supply the server you supply the player. I don't require you to attempt to create a voice for your character but I do expect you to talk to the GM and the Group. Please if your interested, send me a PM in Roll 20 and ask any questions you might have.