Greetings gamers, Welcome to the weekend and another Community Corner - your look behind the VTT ;) Read on for Roll20CON updates, info on our new Devs, and more. Community Highlights Roll20CON Roll20's second annual online-only convention is about 2 weeks away and today we shared the GMs who will be playing during the live event on Twitch. Six amazing GMs will be hosting some of your favorites from the RPG community all in an effort to raise funds for  Cybersmile .  Leading the helm as host, GM, & player is Misscliks GM  Nadja Otikor - many of you may remember Trist from  games last year during Roll20CON! We're also featuring two games with  Adam Koebel , our GM-in-Residence  - Adam will be closing up the event each night. You can see his  games from Roll20CON 2016 too!  We've got two new folks joining us too! Welcome  RandomTuesday &  SkulldelaCreme , plus returning as GMs this year are  EricVulgaris &  koibu0 . Click those links to learn more about your Roll20CON GMs.  *Keep an eye on our  Twitter this weekend for some player & system announcements! will be updated Monday with all the new information shared over this weekend. Developer Spotlight Hi rollers, here’s what’s new in the Tech Corner. We’re still on-boarding and training the new developers. Lots of new faces. Things are going surprisingly smoothly getting everyone up and running as people start learning the code base. We’re going through some growing pains for the next few weeks as people come up to speed. That means visible updates are going to slow down probably through the end of Q2 but we’ll keep you updated on the new projects as they get rolling. Also, a new Tabletop Audio track was added this week. Happy rolling! -Steve On the Marketplace Cryptic Entry Cryptic Entry by Support Class is an adaptation from Dan Coleman's Dungeons on Demand series, updated and prepared for Roll20! This module is designed for a party of level 1 characters, and is written to be integrated into your campaign as effortlessly as possible. *** That's for this week, don't forget to watch  Twitter this weekend for more Roll20CON details! -Avacyn