[Help] Ammo Tracker script working for some players but not all

Hey everyone! I've been searching around and trying a bunch of things myself with no avail. Some players' ammo/resource tracking works and will subtract properly but it doesn't work on other players' sheets. I've checked my API Output Console, it says "UNABLE TO FIND RESOURCE", however, I've set it up exactly the same as on the sheets that do work. I have a feeling that some of my players' sheets might be bugged or had some error because I've exported/imported them from another room. In addition, certain trackers like Death Saves also don't work on those sheets, but I recreated a character's sheet from scratch but it still does the same thing.
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This is the OGL Sheet?
Yes, the 5th Edition OGL by Roll20

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Ammo is currently only tracked for attacks. If an entry on the Attacks & Spellcasting Block does not have the attack box checked, the ammo tracker will ignore it. Does this sound like what you may be experiencing?
It was working fine on some sheets but not on the others, like I did the same process but it wasn't working for some reason. That being said, I fixed the issue. I had duplicate sheets as backups for the ones that weren't working and they were causing the conflict. I renamed the duplicate sheets and then all of the tracking worked properly.