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Werewolf the Apocalypse W:20th Anniversary Ed. Game LF 4 more players


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Long time white wolf player/ST looking to start a game in next month or so. Currently, game will be text only here on roll20, BUT I am dillegently trying to upgrade my tech so I can switch it over to a voice chat game, so if interested please be able to do either one. The game is set in 2009, North Texas. I will be advancing the timeline to 2009 under the premise that the Apocalypse is still looming, but a few world events have slowed it down, and the garou are still fighting the good fight. No new werewolves have been born since 2003, but it seems the last generation of garomay be one of the largest. The Garou Nation has also come to terms with a few of the other fera, most notably forging alliances with the Corax. The main Caern is located on Lake Texoma(Check it out), and there are two smaller caerns in the area as well. Dominated by the Uktena, their hold on power grows thinner each day, and the other tribes are eager to put their choice in power. My work schedule is not set, so my days off can vary greatly. At this time, my goal is 2 games per month, 5 to 8 hour sessions, hopefully Sunday, monday or tuesday. If you are interested please let me know, and I will try to make it work.
Interesting. WtA was always my favorite of the OG White Wolf games, but it has been a solid 10 years since I've raged so I'm pretty rusty. That said, I could be down for this. You mentioned that there might be other Fera in play, does that apply to players as well? If so, I have a Nuwisha I might want to dig out of mothballs.
Most likely I wouldnt allow a fera PC, cause it is really really hard to mesh another type of changer into a werewolf pack. All of the fera have drastically different ways of operating, while they may work together towards common ends, they still do so in their own ways.
Also, since I am using the W:20th book, Stargazers are back. I am currently working on the time line from 1999-2009 in game, so it will be a decade beyond canon story.
I'm interested,, though I really know exactly nothing about World of Darkness. I've had a bunch of GM's screw around with various WoD games, but there was very little understanding about the game.
I'd be interested if the day and time works with my schedule, I've never played any WoD game, but I've always wanted to, and I think it'd be a lot of fun.
Having the new 20th anniversary edition of the core book is pretty much a requirement if you haven't ever played before. I can teach you a lot, if you want to be effective, you have to understand the relationship between role playing and your effectiveness with the system itself. You can't take advantage of you inherit advantages if you don't understand them from a top down perspective. If you can commit to a role/character then I can work with a few newbies. Also, if there is enough people who are inexperienced, I can run some games aimed specifically for newbies. This particular campaign is a mesh of idea i have had sitting at the bottom of the book closet, and really try and dig into the relationships between the tribes, their allies, and their enemies. If you are interested in either game, at this point, send me a private message.