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[LFP] Stars Without Number campaign - looking for 2 more players - weekly Wednesdays @ 12pm CST (see details in post)

I'm looking for 2 players interested in playing in a Stars Without Number game. &nbsp; The game itself will be weekly on Wednesday starting at 12pm CST. Sessions should last approximately 4 hours (allow for the occasional short/long session). &nbsp; While we'll be playing Stars Without Number at it's core, there will be sessions where I would like to try "hybridizing" it and sampling some other systems I've been interested in. &nbsp;For example, say the party explores a post-apocalyptic planet, my thought is it would be cool to sample the Apocalypse World rule set for a session. &nbsp;The reason behind this is that I only have 1 day off a week and I don't want to sink time into creating multiple one-shots in Roll20 when SWN is specifically designed for this kind of thing. &nbsp;If we don't like it, no sweat, we can very easily drop it and proceed under the SWN banner. I've GM'd 2 campaigns of Stars Without Number that didn't last longer than 6 sessions. &nbsp;With that in mind, it's important that interested players be punctual and dependable. &nbsp;I understand that life happens (happens to me all the time). &nbsp;If that's the case, I can certainly adapt, but I don't want to run into issues with multiple no-shows during critical moments...that's not fun for anyone. &nbsp; I'm fine with players who are looking to sample SWN and then decide that it's not their thing. &nbsp;Just lemme know so I can work on finding a replacement without disrupting the sessions. &nbsp; Relating to the bullet about trying different systems, I will have any and all materials related to whatever is happening within this campaign, so there won't be a scenario where someone can't play due to a lack of material. &nbsp;Additionally, I will do my best to provide relevant handouts to help everyone throughout the campaign. &nbsp;That said, if reading is inconvenient or something a player wouldn't be interested in doing to help bridge the inexperience gap, this may not be the campaign for them. We'll be using Discord for voice and Roll20 for most everything else. &nbsp;For those invited into the campaign, I will provide the room link. &nbsp;The players I have in my room thus far constantly chat and joke back and forth, so it's a pretty fun atmosphere. &nbsp;I go out of my way to be respectful and make sure everyone has their fair amount of spotlight time. &nbsp;Additionally, I work very hard to incorporate customized plot arcs based on the information you provide for your character in the sheets. No experience is required or needed. &nbsp;If you're interested in space operas, Stars Without Number, different settings or rich characters with a focus on role play, definitely check out the listing for Dark Black! <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>