New to Roll20 but experienced player looking for group/s


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Hey folks of Roll20, I'm a 25 year old female from the UK who has been playing tabletop for over ten years (and computer RPGs for 17! Now that makes me feel old haha) - I have mostly played AD&D, D&D 3 and 3.5 (personal favourite) and a little bit of 4e (not keen though) and Rolemaster/Spacemaster (also big love of mine) - I am open to different systems of course. I have DMed almost entirely in 3.5 and have lots of books for it, but I also DMed a little 4e and would consider DMing Rolemaster/Spacemaster which I have computer versions of every book. My preference is however to actually be a player as I always bloody DM in real life haha. I've played a lot of Baldur's Gate & BG2, Neverwinter Nights (all of them) and Planescape: Torment... If there was a game in the Forgotten Realms I would be very pleased as I know the content really well and own one of the game books. I prefer games that have adult content or allow adult content in regards to sex, violence, drugs and swearing. I like a good level of character freedom...  A bit about myself as well as it's important to play with people you like or will like you, so I'm a part-time carer, lots of hobbies like hula hoop, drawing, painting, needle felt, writing poetry, etc. I play guitar and sing, I'm keen to learn to juggle and use a contact ball, I go to a lot of festivals and parties but I live in the middle of nowhere and nothing happens here so I often have one or two evenings a week free and I miss role-playing soooo much. I used to role-play once a week every monday with a group in my hometown, then when I moved away I DMed once or twice a month for a group for a year, but over time it's become a rare treat for me. I'm a bit of a closet nerd... But I love it! 

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Hello! I'm currently trying to host a game of HackMaster. HackMaster itself branched from the old AD&D, and with its newer editions, became its own unique system. HackMaster differs from other RPGs mainly due to its focus on the journey to heroism. In HackMaster, characters begin play only a little more experienced than the average person. The draw of the game is to overcome difficult challenges as novice adventurers on the path to fame, fortune, and everything in between. It has quite a bit of similarities with D&D since it shares a common ancestor, but the similarities lie more with older versions (such as 3.5). The game itself follows the players journeying towards the famed Frandor's Keep with rumors of riches and opportunity to be found there. If you'd like to take part, please give our listing a look and apply for the game! If this interests you,  here is a link to the game with the listing and a description of the campaign!
A fellow NWN player! I still play that stuff I have to admit, haha. Anyhow we're looking to run a west marches style campaign (if you're not sure how it works, the rules are explained in the post) pretty soon and you seem like you'd be a good fit. You seem like you got some seasons under your belt, although we welcome new players too. Check out our page, make a post if you're interested!
Thanks guys, will keep in mind. As I'll only join one game probably due to time constraints I'll keep my options open for a bit and get to see what is out there :)