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i18n for Macro Variables

In the newest sheet I'm building I have a roll button that uses a macro variable within a roll template call.  Example: &{template:magic} {{name=@{name}}} {{character=@{character_name}}} {{^{intensity-u}=[[?{Intensity|1}]]}} The ^{intensity-u} properly translates the key in the roll template but how to I get the translated value when it prompts for the user input?  I tried the following which didn't work: &{template:magic} {{name=@{name}}} {{character=@{character_name}}} {{^{intensity-u}=[[?{^{intensity-u}|1}]]}}
Sheet Author
AFAIK translation isn't possible within queries yet.
Thanks for the input.  I was going crazy trying to figure that out.  Anyone happen to know if it is planned for a future update?

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Sheet Author
API Scripter
You can translate queries to some extent by using sheet workers. What you can do is replace the "?{Intensity|1}" by, say "@{intensity_query}", and then use sheet workers to set the intensity_query attribute to a translated query on('sheet:opened'). Since sheet workers can get translations by keys, this will work just fine (unless two people with different translation settings are using the sheet at the same time, but this seems like an edge case).