[LFG] [D&D 5E] [PST/AKST] Experienced Player / DM looking to join a laid back weekly campaign!

Hello! My name is Lovas and I'm looking to join a laid back weekly ( or at least reoccurring ) 5E campaign. I live in small town in rural Alaska and run a weekly homebrew campaign every Saturday for the handful of players I've managed to recruit locally. I love DMing but I definitely miss being a player and am itching to roll up and a roleplay a character that isn't an NPC. I am on Alaska Standard Time but am willing to adjust my schedule to yours. I have a solid mic but no webcam ( ios devices aside ) so audio only would be preferred. I consider myself a moderately experienced player but I'm mostly used to running campaigns for newbies so I haven't been able to flex my RPing muscles in awhile. I'm not really interested in module-based campaigns or one-shots but don't mind established settings ESPECIALLY if we're talking about Ebberon / Forgotten Realms. Homebrew stuff is also cool with me.   If you have any questions feel free to ask away or shoot me a message!  LOVAS 
Heya! Me and some friends of mine are looking for a dm - I wasn't sure if you wanted to join a campaign exclusively as a player (since you included dm in the title), but if you're up for dming something, take a look :o ! https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/81105/looking-for-dm