Game chat is bugged

In one game the game chat is completely bugged. Nothing works anymore, and every time I or anyone types something, it doesn't show up, and it actually does funny things with what's already there. So we can't do any rolls or anything. This is what it looks like right when I log in, macro tests from a day or two ago I did: Pretty normal. But now I type anything into the chat. Doesn't matter if its "/r 1d10" or "afdasg" this happens: No idea what's going on there. I'm only Co-GM here, so I can't really mess with the settings. I asked the Creator to clear the chat archive to see if that helps, but I'm not sure when he's able to do that. Also maybe a Dev wants to take a look to see what might cause this?

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The game's Creator is often able to fix issues with their Text Chat by clearing the Chat Archive (note: not clearing your current Chat Log ). A GM might want to copy/back up the Chat Archive before the Creator clears it.