We’ve taken the delightfully accursed Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition tale and integrated it fully with the Roll20 virtual tabletop,  available from our store now! Here are just a few of the special features for the Roll20 module version of Curse of Strahd: Over 30 battle-ready Maps , enhanced with Dynamic Lighting. This includes original Castle Ravenloft maps in top-down format , exclusive to the Roll20 version for easier use with the virtual tabletop. We’ve also included the isometric Castle Ravenloft maps for reference as player handouts, and also as interactive maps on the tabletop. The High, Common, and Complete Tarokka Decks ready to use as card decks Rollable Tables of all shapeshifters in the adventure. - This means that you can easily click to change Strahd von Zarovich's tabletop token from his human form to his wolf, bat, or mist form. Rollable Table of the Gothic Trinkets table . Players can make a single click to use this table this during character creation to get a trinket of some special significance, or for use elsewhere in the game as you see fit. You can also purchase the Tarroka Decks separately for  $9.99 Have some further questions? Let’s answer ‘em! I bought the game. Now what? You can now create a new game and choose “Curse of Strahd” from the modules on the right hand side of your game creation screen. If you only purchased the Tarroka Deck, it is available as an "Add On" from the dropdown in your Game Settings page.  What Character Sheet should I use? All Wizards of the Coast licensed content on Roll20 uses the Roll20 5th Edition OGL Sheet. When creating a new Roll20 game that you intend to use with Curse of Strahd, be sure to select the 5th Edition OGL as your Character Sheet in the Game Setup page for full compatibility. Is there a PDF? All of the Roll20 versions of Wizards of the Coast products are integrated within the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop, and are intended for in-platform play only. A PDF is not included with your purchase of these Roll20 products. Can I play this using another edition of D&D (3 / 3.5 / 4)? Since the product is Roll20's version of the D&D release, Curse of Strahd, in which all content is intended for use with 5th edition, that Roll20 product will be geared towards use with 5th edition -- meaning the character sheets and rules implemented will all be 5th edition. If you so desire, you can attempt to convert these adventures to another D&D edition. However, you may end up having to recreate the character sheets and anything else that needs conversion. I think something’s wrong with my game! What do I do? If you’re having any technical issues with Curse of Strahd,  please let us know in our bug thread !