I've been playing Life Link healers for a few years, but only just developed a macro for it.  Ask your GM to make this a campaign-wide token action macro and all players have to do is punch it at the end of combat for you to know how much damage you take from them and for them to know what their current hp should be: **From:** [[ ?{CurrHP|0} ]] / [[ ?{MaxHP|0} ]] **To:** [[ (floor((?{MaxHP|0}-?{CurrHP|0}-5)/5)*5)+?{CurrHP|0} ]] / [[ ?{MaxHP|0} ]] /w Your_Name You take [[ (floor((?{MaxHP|0}-?{CurrHP|0}-5)/5)*5) ]] Just put your display name in where I have Your_Name and it'll whisper to you the damage you're taking from that player.   This macro assumes you have dipped a level in Medium for the Hierophant's Seance Bonus of +2 points healed when using magical healing spells/abilities: **From:** [[ ?{CurrHP|0} ]] / [[ ?{MaxHP|0} ]] **To:** [[ ((floor((?{MaxHP|0}-?{CurrHP|0}-5)/7)*7)+7)+?{CurrHP|0} ]] / [[ ?{MaxHP|0} ]] (can't go over maxhp, sorry) /w Your_Name You take [[ ((floor((?{MaxHP|0}-?{CurrHP|0}-5)/7)*5)+5) ]] Note that the way Life Link and Hierophant's Seance Bonus interact, it will occasionally try to overheal by 1 or 2 points, but there's a comment that shows up next to the final value to clarify that. For your GM to make this a campaign wide macro, they'll need to: Go to the macro tab (1st from the right over the chat area), click "+Add". In the resulting pop-up, give it a name, and in the larger area below, paste the macro. If you scroll down in that pop-up, there's a checkbox, "Show as Token Action?" You want to check that box. Just under that is a box labeled, "Visible to Players (Optional)" You want to click in there, and select the "All Players" option. Then click the blue, "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the pop-up. That's it. Done.