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Wanna Play a Game... with Roll20 Lead Developer Steve K. during Roll20CON?


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During Roll20CON Lead Developer Steve K. will be exercising his horror game GMing skills via Roll20 on Sunday, June 25th at 2pm Pacific -- and we're inviting the 10 highest donating users to play too!  If you want a chance to play, donate now! We'll be sending out invite links on Sunday morning before the game. To be considered for the game, you must donate by Saturday, June 24th at Midnight Pacific AND leave a message in this thread!  Make sure you are logged in to your Roll20 account and visit the  Let's Donate section of the site. Click the big blue "Donate" button to contribute to our official charitable partner, Cybersmile -- the international non-profit supporting victims of cyberbullying. *This game will not be streamed, so video is not required -- but we are asking that players have voice chat available for GM/Player communication. **Every Roll20 user who donates any amount during the event will receive a  Roll20CON Exclusive Art Pack , featuring tokens & tiles from some of our Marketplace creators. ***Please only reply in this thread if you want to be considered for the game! Off-topic posts will be removed. :)
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I'm in.  Hope I can get into Steve's game and live a little longer than I did last year.  Damn I hate minesweeper...  ;-P
I would be up to play :D
Ehm... So is this game going to happen? :D

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Steve K.
Roll20 Team
Invites have already been sent ;) Check your notifications, pink envelope, at the top right of the screen to join the game. If you have any trouble getting in let me know here or PM me for the join link.