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Interest Check (DnD 4E Dawn of Worlds)

So been working on some extra rules for the Dawn of Worlds setting, where it adds in domains for gods, and gives cities much more, plus a few tweaks here and there. Was wondering if there would be an interest to play this? We would play homemade deities that each pick 3 domains, we create the world, shape the land, form races, construct cities and wage wars. After all is said and done we then jump into this world we crafted together and play DnD 4e characters. We would have to take a break after the World building was done so I could organize a campaign within that world. I might already have a person or two wanting in, but would want 5 people (6 counting DM). It would be weekly most likely on Thursdays evening (CST) but wouldn't start until August (School and vacation).
Okay so looks like I got 3 people on board. It will be on Thursdays starting at 4:30 CST weekly. We will be starting off playing as Deities then move on to DnD 4E. I would still need 2 more people to join, and if there is a big enough interest I might open it up to more.
I'd definitely be interested.
Okay cool, can you skype sometime tonight? (After 4pm cst?) I can talk over stuff and see if it's a git for you. with hunter (and some friends from old campaigns) that gives us 5 players, but I think we can do 6 if someone else is interested.
Yeah I'm available. PM me your Skype and we can talk.
lavathor should have a picture of a camo teddy bear
Lost 2 people, part way through the Deity Part of the game. Anyone want to join and get set up before next thursday?
Lost some players, world building is all done, about to start the 4e campaign. Current classes are: ardent, fighter, ranger, monk.
Bump, still looking for 1 person.
Can you provide a bit more information regarding for instance starting level and expected progression?
We will start at level 0, which is a custom thing where you make a character without a class, after the 1st session we'll gain our class as part of the story and quests, in which you'll be a normal level 1 character. Experience progression is going to follow exp generally outlined in the book. Exp gain per encounter (Battle, Skill Challange, Trap, ect...) As well as Minor and Major quest experience. The book outlines that about every 10 encounters you will level up. I hope we can get through 2-3 encounters per session. So we should level up at least once a month, maybe 2 if we complete some quests. Roleplay progression should move along well. Generally speaking the game will focus on encounters (Battles, Skill Challenges, Traps, ect...) However I do have a story and design to tell. So it should be about 60/40.
Alright, that seems interesting mind if I PM you via skype, just to discuss a couple more things?
sure thing, i'm taking a quiz for school, but should be done in like 10min if you don't mind hanging out till then.
No i do not mind at all. There are only 2 lavathors in skype, i do not see a teddy camo, so i hope i got the right one.