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Keyboard shortcut for rolling a whispered GM Roll from the OGL DnD 5e Sheet.

Greetings, The idea is that when clicking on the sheet to roll (e.g. when using deception or taking a perception check) you could hold down e.g. shift, and that causes the roll to go to the opposite of whatever you've set in your character sheet so that when "Always whisper rolls" is on, it is a public roll, and when "never whisper rolls" is on, it is a private roll. An example: One character is lying to another character, and wants to make a deception check. Instead of having to write it out manually in a /gmroll, he can simply shift click his Deception skill, and the roll will automatically be a /gmroll. The DM can then in turn shift-click the perception check on the other players sheet, to make a perception roll only visible too him, so that it is not revealed to the player that he is being lied to by the fact that a perception check is being rolled. Another example: A character is inspecting a mirror, but unbeknownst to him, there is a secret door behind that mirror. Instead of asking him to make a Perception check (revealing that there is indeed something worth finding behind the mirror), the DM can shift click his perception skill and roll for himself and see whether the character spots the secret door.
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